Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder M. Russell Ballard

HOLY SHEEEEEEP! You guys sent enough stuff for my whole district! That's what is happening I'm sharing it with my district tomorrow at district meeting so they get fat and not me, haha.  I'm weird, I was most excited for the ties and hygiene stuff, because that's the most expensive!  Tell Kirk if I come home with cavities, its not my fault!  I floss and brush 3 times a day and listerine total care, that tastes like pooop! 
   Our meeting with M.Russell Ballard was basically the same as your guys's Stake Conference.  But it was better than General Conference because he was there in person, in a church building speaking directly towards us!  And we got to shake his hand it was awesome.  There personalities really come out when they're not in such a formal setting.  Elder Maynes was awesome too.  We took a picture with our whole mission plus Elder Ballard, Elder Maynes and Elder Resimay.  I got to stand right behind Elder Ballard in it, I felt special haha.  After the meeting i was truly excited about my mission.  I mean, I know i came for my self and my heart was in it but I don't think my mind fully was till after the meeting.  He is my Favorite Apostle.
   Thats good that Dad and Kyle are staying busy with work and making money! 
The Temple Trip was good I got a lot more out of it this time since I wasn't as nervous.  The temple trip and Mission Conference were like a vacation, because it's a 3 hour drive and it was a mini road trip.  For the Mission Conference we went down Friday night and stayed at a members house.  She made this breakfast I've never seen before.  They are called baked eggs.  You crack an egg into a cupcake pan, don't break the yoke, and put cream, half and half, I think and some cheese and sausage.  Don't stir any of it and just put it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes, it was pretty good.  You should try it and perfect it for me when I get home.  :) Also look up how to make Macklebee Syrup it's bomb!  From some resaraunt in Utah, a member made it for us and French Toast.
   Well not much to say about this weeek we were just busy with meetings, didn't get to much work done but it was still a good week! Yesterday in Ward Council (its weird being in Ward Council hearing the needs of and all the problems going on) the Bishop talked about what they learned in their training from M. Russell Ballard and he stressed to them about families doing prayer, scriptures and FHE. Also couples prayers because that's what Satan starts to attack and that's what starts to lead us away.  But not my family, cause we are Ballers!  hahaha
Well love you guys have a good week.  If you are sending another package,  I dont need a package, but if you do can you send me one of my backpacks?  Thanks love you guys.
Elder Daniel Nelson

Sister McClendon, Am I as good as you yet?  :-)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elder Nelson

MIss me?  haha sorry this week we had p-day Tuesday for Temple p-day. and it takes 3.5 hours to get there so we didn't get back till 6:30 and library closes at 7 so that's why i'm writing today. ''Well yeah I'm good about communicating, I only get to do it once a week and get to read letters throughout the week when they come so I try to write as much as I can. Yeah, I finally got Grandmas letter last week, and I wrote her back last night and sent it off this morning.  Yeah if you can put money in my account that would be awesome. Does it go to my mission card or my other card, because my other card doesn't work, they are supposed to be sending one to the house.
   That's so for away, March 4th. So that's what your gonna ask Dad for, for your birthday present, to take you?
  1, apostle is coming M. Russell Ballard, 1, 70 is coming Elder Maynes, and our area 70 is coming whoever that is.
  Lucky kyle!  Getting out in a month gonna be a Heli pilot!
Yeah Chase said he was gonna be back this month.  He's already on the hunt for girls?  haha
 Well its true about hunting season!  Everyone here makes it hard not to think about.  Always inviting me and keep asking me to go and I can't.  I got offered to do the chains and a football game to and couldn't do that.  I get offered all these cool things and I can't do them haha.
   Tell Jed Dad doesn't mess around either.   He grounded me for 3 months and forgot that he grounded me for grades!  Yeah he is smarter than he puts off, boys think chicks dig that in junior high, Chase did the same thing haha.
  Well nothing to exciting has been happening, except the 7 hours of tracting we did last week.  And only had one guy willing to meet with us.  He invited us right in.  He moved here like 2 months ago from Texas and met with the missionaries a couple times down there. He said he agreed with everything we said that day.  So hopefully it goes well.  We are supposed to go back Thursday.  So hopefully this week is more eventful.  We have some appointments scheduled this week, so hopefully they go through so we don't have to tract as much.
Well thanks for all you guys do for me and the love and support.  I thought my package got stolen I was mad, because we live on the Reservation, so it was a high possibility that it got stolen ha.  Well love you all.
Love elder Nelson!
P.s. Can you send me The Karst, Woolsey's, Cauthen, and Jacobs addresses please?  Oh and sister Mcclendon asked if you would add her to the list for my emails

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 9

October 15, 2013

Sorry its gonna be short.
But the library was closed yesterday for Columbus Day so we couldn't email.
Last week we saw a bear in our neighborhood a little brown bear.  I swear they sent me here to see if i would follow all of the mission rules!  I've had 3 people invite me to go hunting with them and I have to say no each time!  We went to a less actives house last night and he was skinning a dear he just killed and he wouldn't let me help because he wouldn't here the end of it from the Mormon women when I had blood on my white shirt.
  Sounds like you had guys had a good time in Utah and in Powers.  Why haven't I got a letter back from the Grandparents?   Everything is going well still.  Just have an anti mormon going to Karinas telling her kids that he has concerns about her joining the church, so that's makin' me mad haha.  But every on else is doing good.  We put this girl Julia on date for November 1st.  She is the daughter of a less active who joined the church a few years back and stopped coming when her and her husband got a divorce.
   But yeah all the things for the package you got right, but you already sent exercise bands. 
I think I have some thin snowboarding socks in my sock drawer can you send those its starting to get cold.
I think thats all I need right now.  Oh, and the bank shut off my debit card cause someone got my info somehow, but they said they were sending me a new one.   So can you send that when it comes.   I'm running low on money this month idk why. 
    I cant return that coat I had to where it the day i got it becauise it was pouring so i'll just have to deal with it, it's not a big deal.
   We found out that it's M. Russel Nelson that is coming to our mission.

Tell Brother Cauthen i found my favorite scripture its Psalms 144:1  "Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight."  (Oh, Bubba!)

And about pictures I couldn't go to Omak or Ephrata this week to go to Walmart.   So,  probabyly next week I can go to Walmart and print some and send them to you guys.

Thanks for all you guys do and the love and support!
Elder Nelson

Week 8

October 7, 2013

Oh I dont know what happened then. Thanks for sending a letter though.

Yeah General conference was pretty good.  Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Dube were my favorite ones.  The first session was the best then they got less interesting to me as they went.  I dont know why, but last month it hit me that we actually get to hear from the Prophet of God and his Apostles.  I never really realized it before, of course I knew they were, but it never realized it.  Idk how to explain it haha.  But I only fell asleep for a couple minutes in the last session.  So thats a first.  I like going to Priesthood session with my brothers and Dad better though than out here. 

Luckies!   You getta go to Utah.  Yeah it's getting cold up here too.  "Barely escapes desert climate" HAHA.   My foot, it dropped from the 90's straight to the 40's and 50's and the other night it was 31 in Wilbur, a little town 20 minutes from Coulee Dam we have like 5 towns in my area.   When you send the package with my backpack, hat and Garmin, can you throw in a beanie and some light gloves?   Thanks:)  I like the 50-60 degree weather but the 40's is when I have to start wearing a sweater.  I guess we should have boughten a church sweater like you wanted to, because everyone has them here and we "have to match".  So I had to go buy 2 today so sorry:/, but i got 2 for $44 instead of one sikk one for $50,  haha I clearnced shopped for you. 

Tell Kyle to come up here, instead of there.   haha, just kidding.   Can I come work on it to and get some extra monies?:)  Oh by the way, dont worry about putting money in my account for a bike.   Who knows if i'll be in a biking area and if I have to buy one I'll put it on my credit card, then you can put money in then.   Good news, I haven't gained weight yet.  I actually have lost.  I weigh the same with all my clothes and stuff that a carry in my pockets as I did in gym shorts at home, so I've lost a few pounds, hopefully its just not muscle loss!

Well ofcourse Maddie is stuborn she's a Nelson!   Which one of us liked school and actually put effort in at school besides Jacque?  And we still got A's and B's, so tell her teachers to leave her alone she will still get good grades.  Has Maddie started saying any new words yet?

Well this week was pretty good for me.   Started getting along with my companion better.   Ricky broke me in.   I've been able to keep my temper in check since I worked with him before I came out here.   We had some of our investigators come out to conference and they all loved it.   Karina couldn't though, she had to drive her daughter to Idaho.  We went over last night though.  She said she was starting to get scared because she is afraid what her husband is gonna say to her when he finds out she has been meeting with us and is thinking about getting baptized.  She recently moved back here from North Dakota.   They moved there for the oil boom and her husband is still there trying to keep his trucking business going so he doesnt know yet.  So pray that he will be accepting to it.

Also we were at a less actives house last night to set up an appointment.  They are on the ward councils focus 5, so we have been trying to get in with them. They finally let us in last week and we had a good visit with them.  They want us focusing on this 15 year old girl that is baptised and getting her back out to church. she accpeted to take the lessons again and to start coming and her mom thats a convert and has been married in the temple but got divorced and went unactive said she would like to sit in on the lessons too.  And there 10 year old daughter came up to us and asked if we could be baptized haha.  So alot of miracles have been happening this week!

Oh yeah im going down to Kennewick twice this month the 22nd for the Temple trip and the 26th for the Apostle thats coming.  I'm thinking its Elder Holland but we dont know who.  I hope it's him so he can yell at us.  I miss being yelled at, I haven't been yelled at for 2 months,  and laugh when someone yells at me.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Ill try to work my hardest out here!
Love you all!

Elder Nelson

P.S. can you send that bass pro coffee mug outta my truck to for the apple cider im about to buy?

P.S. that oatmeal saved my life i was sick of eggs haha

"Letters From Home"

October 4, 2013

So, as if I was feeling bad enough that Bubba didn't get my email last week.  I sent one, I really did.  The week after he told me he was having homesickness, I know he needed it.  Anyway......Today I got a hand written letter from him in the mail.  Since I'm not so good at technical stuff I'll just going to type his letter to pass it along.  He says in his letter he expects letters from everyone - not just me!!!  Here we go:

"Letters From Home: Montgomery Gentry - I sing it all the time, you should send the lyrics with your letter back.  It's becoming foggy to me.  :-)  Thanks Love you.
    (This was on the top of his letter and then he begins)


Hey Family!!!

The family that didn't email me or write me this week.  HaHa.

Well this week was a pretty good week.  Had some good lessons with our investigators.  We met with this lady named Karina twice this week.  The second time we committed her to baptism and she accepted.  Haven't set  a date yet, hopefully gonna do that tomorrow.  But we had her say the prayer after our lesson last night and she started crying during it.  It was pretty awesome.  The spirit is always strong there.  I always look forward to going over there.  She is my favorite investigator so far.

This letter is probably gonna repeat a lot of my email, but that's what you guys get for not emailing me.  Plus this cures my home sickness.  So I expect a letter back from all of you.  PLEASE!  :-)  Yes, including DAD, KYLE, JACQUE CHAYLEE, T, JED AND ELLIE - NOT JUST MOM YOU GUYS!!!

I ordered my jacket, I ordered an X-large like I always do, but it's a 3 in 1, so you can take the outer shell off to just have a rain jacket.  But that part goes down to my knees and makes me look like I weigh 300 lbs instead ob 200 lbs.  Oh well, I only have to wear it for 2 years.  The under part of the coat fits alright though.

Like I said in my email, one of the Twelve Apostles is coming October 26th!  The whole Mission is meeting in Kennewick at the Stake Center and he is gonna speak to us.  We don't know which one yet unfortunately.  But I'm excited about it.  Like my Patriarchal Blessing says in the paragraph about my mission that, "I'll be taught b y many of the prominent leaders of the church." Well here is gonna be one of the many.

FYI, Thanks for that Sleep spray, it works!!  I was waking up like 4 times a night, now usually only one!  

I'm sorry I didn't save money to pay for my Mission.  I  know it's expensive, so I'm gonna try to live off my $135.00 a month so you guys don't have to  send packages and money, cause the mission is expensive as it is!

Well thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  Also, the love and support.  Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me stay out here.  Love you all!

Elder Daniel Nelson

Week 7

September 30, 2013

Whats up with this no email this week? 

Well my week was pretty good.   We started teaching a former investigator, and went over last night and taught her again and invited her to be baptized and she accepted.   I can tell she is really interested probably the most interested investigator we have.  We are going over tomorrow and gonna teach her and hopefully set a Baptism date.  She is my favorite investigator so far.  Her name is Karina and probably in her 50's. 

We got a voicemail from our Mission President Saturday morning.... On Oct. 26th the whole mission is meeting in Kennewick, its like three hours away from Coulee Dam.   But One of the Twelve Apostles is coming to speak to us!  I'm pretty excited for that -  being able to meet an Apostle.

We had a pretty good week this week.  We had 16 lessons, 4 short of the standard of excellence, so hopefully we can get that this week.  That lady, Shari, has been outta town, but is back now, so hopefully we can meet with her soon.

One of the less-active families we were meeting with, the husband got laid off, so they packed up and moved to Rexburg Idaho so he could go back to BYU.  It was sad to see them go, but that will probably be good for them.

Also, I get to go buck some hay Wednesday!!  I cant wait for that -  haha, I miss it, and it will be a good work out. 
Thanks for that jacket it is really comfortable.   Well how is everyone doing?  What have you guys been up to?
Tell Jed to write me a letter back please.
Well I'll be on for like 50 more minutes, so get back to me if you can, if not ill talk to you guys next week.  (So sad!  I didn't get back with him in time and have no idea what happened!)

Love and miss you all.  Hope all is well.
Elder Nelson

Week 6

September 23, 2013

Yeah my week was alright.  Mission work is like a roller coaster, always going up and down.  So we have been tracting quite a bit to try to find new people.  Not my favorite thing but its, whatever, I know I need to do it.  Thanks for the package and the jacket I like it.  I didn't by us lunch with that money, cause I needed more quarters for laundry.   Some weeks it's 6 bucks and some it's 3.   It pisses me off when they jack the prices.  But those laundry pods will help once I run outta my laundry soap I bought.  But I did by my companion a Dr. Pepper with that money and paid fast offerings and tithing so at least I used it for that, ha.  I have enough food, I didn't have to go shopping today.  I ordered this 3in1 jacket from missionary mall, it's kinda big but it'll work. 

Hahaha, thats funny Maddie got stuck in the fence! They should of got a picture of her! I wish i could see that!  (I got a phone call from Maddie's teacher and the nurse explaining why Maddie had some red marks on her back.  Maddie's teacher told me that Maddie tried to escape under the school fence, about scared her to death and she was afraid they were going to have to call the Fire Department to get her out!  She's an escape artist - that one!!)

Jeds in choir?  Since when?   I actually sang this  Sunday.  It was the Primary Program this sunday.   After seeing 2 of the kids go up there, let me tell you, your kids are normal!!! I decided this is the Ward we are going to,  when we come back to visit when I get back so you guys can go through it too.  Theres a lot of good people in the ward and I love the ward.   But there are some weirdies!! 

Why is everyone getting sick?  I was sick for the last week in the MTC and the 1st week out here.   (I sent him with Airborne but he wouldn't take it cuz it gross! He started taking it after the fact!)  

Is dad still working up north or for Dan Garret?  The Brown's called me by my first name "Bubba" this Sunday, I loved it!!  I haven't heard it in forever!!!

The mission is going good,  I started getting a little home sick after 2 months, so I'm working through that, ha.   Transfers are Wednesday, we got the calls Saturday.  I'm staying in Coulee Dam with my same companion.  So nothing is changing for me.  But they made a new zone and 28 new missionaries coming Wednesday.  They still aren't on my level, like 35 came out when I came.

Yeah, if you can send my hat and a backpack and Dads Garmin if no one uses it.  Theres a good chance I'll be training during my third transfer, so in 6 weeks.   So I'll need a GPS.  You don't need to send another package for a month and it'll get here in time.

Thanks for all you guys do.  And the prayers and support.  And for yours and dads hard work in keeping me out her financially.  Love you all.

Elder Daniel Nelson

Week 5

September 16, 2013

My week was pretty good!  We had our interviews Tuesday.  Those went pretty well.  I love my Mission President.  We also had a special training with the interviews so that was good.  After the interviews we went back to Coulee Dam had 2 good lessons.  I wrote you guys a letter that goes more in depth so I won't write a bunch about it.  We had a lesson with a lady named Shari, we tracked her out a couple weeks ago.  Turns out her daughter is a member has been since she was 18 and still is an active member married with kids in like highschool.  Shari has seen the power of the Priesthood work in her life.  She had lung cancer and had surgery.  It wasn't healing from the surgery so her son in law came and gave her a blessing and she started to heal after that.   idk how long ago that was though.   She has met with missionaries in the past, idk why she hasn't accepted to be baptized yet.  Hopefully we can help her know that she wants the gospel in her life.

Our other lesson was with Martin, he's 21 and married to a 17 year old with a 2 year old daughter we've only met with Martin.  He liked what we shared with him, so we put him on date for Oct. 2!  So we will see if that goes through, we tracted Martin out as well.  We are going back tonight because him and his wife should be there. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I have a talk for you guys listen to,  "Life is a Football Game, by Troy Dunn."  You can't read it, you have to listen to it.  Has dad listened to Glenn Becks conversion story yet?

Well I wrote you guys a letter so I don't wanna write the same stuff twice haha.  So you guys will have to wait for that.
Thanks for all the support and the package, much appreciated!  I have like a whole pantry now.  Since theres gonna be 5 shopping days this month it will be helpful. I need to stop eating out every P-day, I'm running low on cash this month.  But at least I'm not out like my companion, haha, he ran out last week.  I have $30 after shopping today. 

Love you all!

Elder Daniel Nelson

Week 4

September 9, 2013

If some things don't make sense, I'm sorry.  I pass along his letters that are in response to mine.  So sometimes he's answering my questions.  :-)

      Alright thank you.  I still havent bought a jacket yet.  Maybe I should though because it's getting into the 50's at night now.  Sorry this is already your 4th package.   I'll try to hold off for a while.  I'm learning how to make my money go farther now.  We just don't shop in Coulee Dam, cause everything is so expensive!  I'm a clean freak now.  Dishes in the sink bug me and unmade bed bugs me haha.  
My singing, I think I'm sounding worse.  I sing the songs just not loud.  

      So how much did Dad make on Chris's Bunker?  

     It was Stake Conference this week.  It was a broadcast from Salt Lake,  Elder Nash and L. Tom Perry spoke also a Relief Society President.  I know another apostle spoke I forgot who it was.  I only remember them talking about the priesthood, and how are families need to be self reliant.  So we need a garden at the ranch and at home.  Everyone has a garden here and apple and peach trees.  Tell Dad if he wants to be a farmer this is where to be.  Theres miles and miles of wheat farms surrounding me.  That counsler in my ward, that I said that looks like the old man from Secondhand Lions, we went to his farm.   His house is made from an old grain house like the wooden ones before they had silos. 

   Tell Jed he needs to find 2 good guy friends before he hangs out with girls so he can have some wingmen.  So Ellie's liking school?  And has Maddie started talking yet?  That stupid device better get her talking before I call for Christmas.   Now they are going to Bisbee after I leave!!  I even asked to go!  haha!  Tell Dad to listen to Glenn Becks conversion story, it hilarious!

    The bishop and his wife has been feeding us quite a bit I was craving steak and we went over and thats what they were having.  It was different but good.  His wife cooked it she grilled it but sauteed it in this rasberry stuff it was actually good.   She sad she wasn't sure about it when some one cooked it for her, but she really liked it.  The bishop said if I need a break from Missionary life I can come over and play video games for a little bit haha.   Joking of course, so don't freak out.

   This week has been good.  But it was slower cause we have had a few meetings that have taken up our days.  And cancled appointments because of school starting and stuff.  Yeah, I read my Patriarchal Blessing every week ,if not more.  Thanks for all the support and prayers you guys do.  And I need to approve those parenting books before you start practicing them haha. jk. love you all.
Elder Nelson
P.S. I didn't get Jed's letter.

When people write letter have them address it 
Elder Daniel Nelson
Because theres 2 Elder Nelson's 
Thank you:)

Week 3

September 2, 2013
I heard my companion talking to someone and they were asking for me and he kept saying that im right here but he never gave me the phone idk why. (a couple from our ward was over there and their Nephew is in charge of Missionary Housing, so he called and tried to get Bubs for them)  Probably because he's senior companion and reminds me of Ricky, (an employee at work that is kind of High and Mighty) so I hope I'm only with him for 6 weeks.  We get along but he gets on my nerves, I'm about to go insane.  Im in an apartment with just me and him.  And alll out district is an hour or more away.  We came down to Omak today to hang out with another companionship so thats gonna be nice.  The thing that keeps me sane is going on exchanges once a week with other missionaries its good having a change once a week haha.  Um Tristans parents are still getting settled into there house so we havent taught them yet.  But hopefully this week we will be able to get into there house this week.  But Tristan is doing good.  He got up and bore his testimony this sunday so that was pretty cool.  I've been a member all my life and I hardly bore it till my mission ha.  We started teaching this tongan man thats married to a member.  His english isn't to good so it's hard to help him understand.  He keeps requesting a tongan missionary but the closest one is an hour and a half away so we are gonna see what we can do about that.  They are my favorite people cause they remind me of the tongans from Mesa High.  They are gonna make me Otai a Tongan fruit drink and it sounds like the gumbo of fruit drinks.  But everything else is going good.  I like my district and zone.  Tell Letta she can keep threatining me, but she dont scare me after tracting on the Indian Reservation in Coulee Dam.  They have real Indians there, not the fat Navajos that drink beer all day.  They live off deer meat, they have like 7 tags a year for the Indians.  I remembered what I was gonna tell you. You can cancel my phone so you dont have to pay it and youll probably want me off your plan any ways and I will be able to get a new phone for sure when I get home haha.  And can you give me both Grandparents adresses and Jacob Hancocks?  The next package you send if no one is using those work out bands and dads garmin that he doesn't use anymore send those?  My companion won't run so I'm stuck doing sit ups push ups and lunges and its getting old.  Why did Chaylee wanna move out so bad?  ANd me and Jed both have the talent of faking sick:) Well thanks for all you guys do and the support of keeping me out here, love you all.
Elder Bubba Nelson 

Week 2

August 28, 2013

Yeah I didn't email Monday cause of this big thunder/wind/ rain storm came in Sunday night.  It took out the power and internet and uprooted a bunch of huge pine trees, one took out a quarter of a house.   And A power pole broke in half from the wind hah it was pretty sikk.  I wrote you guys a letter about the baptism you should be getting it soon so you'll probably here the same stuff twice.  You can forward this one out if you want.   The baptism went really well.   It was cool being a witness at the baptism.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  The talk went alright, but it was better when i just moved to my testimony at the end.  The lady that we had dinner with earlier that night, they were giving me a hard time about being a man of few words.  But after my testimony she came up to me and said she just watched me grow up there.  It meant alot to me because I have alot of respect for that family.   I feel my testimony grow every time I share it but I'm still nervous every time, idk why.   But the work is going good.   We are gonna start teaching Tristan's parents in a couple weeks, we took them on a church tour after the baptism they were pretty interested.   They really liked how we have no paid ministry.   And besides that,  just trying to find people.  We are teaching this other lady that wants to get baptized but is having a hard time with smoking.   Well love you all thanks for the support. 

P.S.  I havent opened my package yet cause I've been on exchanges.  And yes, I'm in a car, a Subaru.   Love and miss you all.

Elder Nelson

P.S.  Why did Letta say she was gonna kill me?  And if you ever see a Carrie Underwood Christmas CD that would be a great Christmas present or ties or money haha.   But did you hear about the new version of the Book Of Mormon thats coming out in October?   The references are gonna have like the New Era and stuff referenced out of it.  So I wanna buy that when I get home.   I don't wanna buy them out here because I don't have the New Era and stuff and they will get trashed.  There was something else I was gonna tell you but I forget what it was, so sorry ha. 

What a FUN surprise to get 2 emails in one day!!  Kyle texted me right after I got your first email this morning and told me he got his and gave me a "haha!"  I told him I got one too but had just gotten out of the Temple and was waiting to get home to send it on!!  Silly boy!  Always trying to one up me!!!

Letta said she was gonna kill you because you talked about her and the dream she had in your talk.  Several people texted her that day giving her a hard time and telling her "Way to go!"  hahaha!!   Uhmmmmm.......I don't think that you can have a Carrie Underwood CD, I doubt she is on the list of songs or artists you are allowed to listen to on your Mission - but I'd be glad to buy it for you and save it for you when you get home!  :-)  Of course we'll send $$ and ties!!  Bradley said he came home with 80 or so, so you need to outdo him!  haha!  :-)  

NO, I haven't heard anything about the new Book Of Mormon that's coming out.  That's crazy, but cool!!  I could always send you copies of the New Era and Ensign when I send you your packages.  Is that something you'd like?  Dad had a large copy of the B of M that he used for studying and took lots of notes in.  That might be a good idea.  It will be something you treasure later.  Dad gave his to his mom.

Well, I'm always here if you remember what it was!!

I love that your Testimony is growing each time you share it.  You have a special Spirit about you, I know others will feel that as you share your testimony.  I LOVE YOU and am SO grateful to be your Mother!!!

All My Love,

Yeah I can have her Christmas songs cause all of them are the same as we sing during Christmas.  They say I can listen to country if its talking about God or Jesus Christ and doesn't swear.  The music rules are relaxed.  We have Nashville tributes to missionaries and pioneers that have country tune to them.  They just say to listen to the more relaxed ones on pday is all.  Um maybe the big BoM would be good and New Era and stuff and the Friend I like that better ha. But I gotta go I used my hour and a half today on the computer.  But yeah Brother Barry is funny, he's a cool guy.  K, love you talk to you guys monday!

Week 1

August 19, 2013
Letter in mail today:

Dear Family,
Made it to Washington.  It's hot here!  A lot of Farm fields when I was flying in.  I'm excited to start exploring around here.  I'm nervous about teaching people.  It's not just roll plays anymore.  The Mission President seems like a cool guy.  all his helpers seem good also.  I don't know what to expect but I could tell it's gonna be a good experience.  I already learned a ton.  Well love all you.

Elder Nelson

Email today:

Happy birthday Ellie! 

I didn't sound chipper because I was sick and their traveling agenda to the airport was retarded!   

I miss the ranch!  

My first area is Coulee Dam.  Serving the Coulee Dam Ward!  They are all old!!  They have 0 Priests,  2 Teachers and 1 Deacon.  But most of the old people are cool.  Some of them might be inbred but idk.  I met a couple that stay in Mesa for the winter and they go to Desert Vista Ward, so I talked to them about the McCowns and people in the ward.  I walked into a baptism.  My companion and his old companion did it though, well kinda.  The kid, Tristin walked into church the Sunday before I got here.  And he wanted to take the missionary discussions and be baptised.  So they taught him once.  Then me and Elder Thibideau (teebidoh) have been teaching him, so I'm counting him as one of my baptisms haha.  This $145 a month thing sucks!  Sandwiches are getting old.   So feel free to send snacks like poptarts and trail mix and more chips and queso:)  I know im needy but i didn't know what to expect out here.  I also need my one of my backpacks and the quarters outta my truck cause I need them for laundry, and my grey jackett with the white zipper idk if its at the ranch or what.   And I need money for coats.  I haven't had to buy a bike yet so i guess I can use that money, but idk when I'll need to buy a bike.  

 But the field is going good.   But i do miss my ipad and all the stuff you said I was lucky not having haha.  Thanks for all the supoort you guys have given me.  Love you guys.

Elder Nelson

P.S.  I forgot to tell you that the baptism is this Saturday,  and that the Coulee Dam is the biggest dam in the states.  k love you bye.

Letter From the President

August 15, 2013

Dear Missionary Family,

We are delighted to inform you that your missionary has arrived safely to the Washington Kennewick Mission.  We already love them and are excited to serve with them.  We have enjoyed becoming acquainted with them and are confident that they will become an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord in sharing the gospel with the people of Washington and Oregon.

We have assigned them a companion who is an experienced, devoted, and motivated missionary.  All of our missionaries understand that one of the greatest privileges available in the mission is to train a new missionary.  This first companion will be a special person in your missionary’s life and will help give them a great start here.

We feel that our greatest responsibility is the care and welfare of your child.  We want to assure you that we will be in close contact with them.  We will be observant of their physical health, happiness and spiritual well being.  We will work closely with them throughout the mission to help them succeed and fulfill their calling as a representative of the Church and as an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please be assured that we will be in contact with you if we ever encounter any concerns that would call for your attention.  We see you as a great asset to the success of your child while serving in the mission field and will work closely with you if the need arises.

Attached are photographs of your missionary taken with us at the welcome dinner at the mission home, along with a map that identifies your missionary’s first area.  Please feel free to contact us at the mission office with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for the sacrifices you are making at home to have your missionary in the field.  We have seen the Lord bless the families of missionaries who are serving in untold ways.  We know that His blessings will be upon you as well.

With Love,

President Boyd S. Ware                                              Sister Linda P. Ware
Washington Kennewick Mission                                 Washington Kennewick Mission