Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Week in Hermiston

  This place is Redneck! I saw a motorized bike and they had bullhorns tied on to the handle bars like how people put longhorns on there cars or trucks haha. 
  Elder Fluckinger wrote you guys a letter? I wonder how he got our address I dont think I ever gave it to him haha but thats cool. He is a really awesome guy. His wife converted when they got married. Then he went inactive a few years later and took him awhile to come back his wife always stayed active. But you would have never guessed that he was inactive at on point in his life. He is awesome.
  Yeah it was hard to say good bye to all the members in Kennewick! Some of them became like family. Especially the Boggs family. They were like another older Brother and Sister. We went to see them the night before we left. And they just talked with us about whatever. Brother Boggs shared a few scriptures that said keep going no matter how hard things get! He also lectured me on how i need to start school as soon as I get home. Because i told him that i was gonna wait till Janurary. But I think im gonna start in August. He said you mission is your mission right now. But when you get home education becomes your mission so that you can provide for your family. He is the one that got me interested in Construction management. Then Sister Boggs started crying when we left. I almost did haha.
  We cover 2 wards in Hermiston so Sundays are super long! Go to 2 ward councils 2 sacraments then sunday school in priesthood only in one ward since the wards over lap eachother. There a some farmers her and cowboys so thats good. My Ward Mission Leader is a chiropractor and will adjust missionaries for free! So thats gonna be good. Ive been having a lot of pain in my lower back.
The companion im with is a super hard worker and super focused. So we will accomplish alot this transfer. He just needs to relax sometimes. He is always about the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. But I love him and so does everyone else. He is hilarious even when he isnt trying to be haha. 
Well thanks for everything that you guys do!
Elder Bubba Nelson

The Jacobs'

The Boggs'

Transfer Week

June 2, 2014

  Soo I'm getting transferred to Hermiston Oregon. "Now I'm down in Hermiston Rednecks, cowboys, addicted to the farm life" WKM remix. (Not sure what all that is...) So I'm going to Hermiston, gonna be living in an apartment, I believe there will be 4 missionaries in it.  And we get a gym I believe woop woop!  I'm leaving on Wednesday.  The comp I'm gonna be with there use to be in my zone he is kind of a weirdie but thats alright, as long as he will wake up and go to the gym with me.

  It's gonna be weird leaving Kennewick, I've been here forever!  Started to think that it was my home ward ha.  Made a lot of good friends in the ward that I'm gonna miss.  But it will be good to move on and experience some new culture and to find other people to teach and serve with other people.  Imma miss this zone though it was the best zone I've been in yet.  Made some good friends.  Me and Elder Wilcox are planning on going to lake powell together when we get home. 
  Yesterday we gave Kelsie Greenland she is the non-member of a part member family we are teaching,  We gave her a blessing she has the flu or something.  And it seemed to help her.  They are pissed that we are leaving.  Me and my comp are both leaving.  But Adam the husband is a bro and an adrenaline junky like me.  So we are going skydiving and bungy jumping when I get home haha.  He goes to lake powell every summer too.

  Also I gave Brother Hansen, He is the member that Elvis takes care of.  I can't remember what disease he has but it's where he is loosing his muscles can't walk now or eat.  He asked me to give him a blessing because he feels worthless and that he has no purpose left in life.  So we gave him a blessing it was cool.  He can hardly talk to.  He is hard to understand.

  Well how was the fams lake powell trip?  Catch a lot of fish?  When did you guys end up leaving?
Well thanks for everything you guys do!  Love and miss you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson  

May 26, 2014

How's Heaven on earth?  Can you guys schedule for next year like the week after I get home so I don't have to miss 2 years of Powell?:) 

Why is Kyle leaving Wednesday?  Dang sounds like Lynn is having a rough time! 

Angel is still doing well!  Should be getting the Priesthood this week.  He has an appointment with the Bishop this week for his Patriarchal blessing so that's gonna be pretty cool.

Karen idk we haven't seen her or heard from her.  We stopped by on Thursday when we had an appointment but she was not there.  So idk what is going with her.

So you guys got the package ok?  I miss the Ipod already haha.  I hate to ask but can you put some money in my account?  Maybe like 100.  I'm gonna have to buy some of those vacuum bags so all my stuff can fit in my suitcase since I have 2 pairs of boots and extra stuff that I have.

Thanks for all your love and support!  I hope you guys have a great time at Lake Powell!  I better be able to go next year:)

Elder Bubba Nelson 

May 12, 2014

3rd Day in a Row:) - (Bubba called Saturday for a few minutes to set up the Call on Sunday!  Happy Day!!  Then called Sunday night and emailing today!  I'm so glad we live in a day of modern day technology that makes it all possible!)

  It was good talkin with you guys yesterday!  (It sure was!)  I wish i could skype atleast once a month ha its so much better than email.  What was the thing that everyone was quoting about asking any question?  (Uhmm....Not sure what he's talking about.)
 Seems like everyone is doing better and happier... 
I don't have to much to say we talked about everything yesterday haha.  But Angels Baptism was good!  He got confirmed Sunday. He couldn't stop smiling yesterday!  Can't wait till they get sealed.  I hope I can go to that!

Thanks for all you guys do for me!  And for all the Love and Support!  Keep Truckin' as a family!!!!!!!

Elder Bubba Nelson