Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was awesome!  Started of the week trunky because another missionary I live with ended his mission, but ended the week with Chad setting a date for baptism (Nov. 1st).  It's more of a goal just to work towards but he set the date to show his faith and that he wants his answer.  This week was Fast Sunday so I fasted for him.  And every testimony that was bore testified of the things he had questions about it was awesome!  Then Our WML reported he was on date to the Ward Council and to keep it in that room, but of course one of them came and blabbed there mouth to Chad in front of me and Chad just turned around and looked at me and said "really? where did you hear that?"  So I think he was kinda disappointed.  And then the Gospel Principles class was on baptism and he turned around and looked at me and laughed thinking I set it up but I told him it went in order.  We can't meet with him till Thursday,which kinda sucks but hopefully he still wants to keep his date.
  Everything else is going good.  Just trying to talk with everyone and getting more members to come out and work with us!
 I thought Meet The Mormons was pretty good.  I liked the WW2 Pilot and the fighter.
Hope all is going good Love ya'll!

Elder Bubba Nelson

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 6, 2014

  So I'm staying in Hermiston again, gonna finish Elder Woodheads training.  I'm happy I getta stay here again.  I didn't want to leave yet!  I got the package, thank you for that! 
   Conference was awesome huh?  I got chastised hard core and got called to repentance by a few of the speakers, but that's what conference is about right?  Learning what we need to change in our life to become more like Christ.  Jorg Klenbingat was one of my favorite speakers I think he chastised me the most haha.  He was a kids mission president in my ward here that just got home a couple of months ago.  I feel like his talk is what missionaries needed to hear.  This conference got me kinda trunky they were all talking about life and getting educations and families and stuff.  But there were alot of things said in there to help me stay focused.  Here's my list:

1.  Stop makin' excuses why I can't be exactly obedient.
2.  Take responsibility for my physical well-being.
3.  Embrace obedience and make the gospel my whole life.
4  Being better at repenting quickly and thoroughly.
5.  Become really good at forgiving.
6.  Accept trials and set backs as part of life.
Mainly just takin' responsibility and rising to my call and stepping up and being a better example.

   We had a good lesson with Chad Morris. Helped him see that he is receiving his answer little by little and that it will come as he keeps living the commandments and reading and praying. We invited him to pray specifically to know if he should be baptized! So we will see how that went on Friday.
    What do you guys got going for October break?  Luckies get a week off!  Don't party to hard!
Can you send me some updated pictures of Maddie?  Letta told me how she tapped the microphone twice to see if it worked before she talked.  I thought that was hilarious!  
(Maddie did her part in the Primary Program.  I had forgotten to plug in her communication device the night before, so the speaker on it was very quiet.  She did so good though.  She walked up to the pulpit, tapped the microphone a couple times, said, "eeee....eeee" tapped it again and then her teacher said her part, "Jesus loves me" because the device was too quiet.  Then she hurried back down to her spot.  Her teacher had bribed her with a "My Little Pony" toy and told her she could have it if she sat nice and after her part.  It was pretty good!  :-) )

Well thanks for all you guys do! Love you family and friends(framily)
Elder Bubba Nelson

P.S.  Bub says to keep the hand written letters coming.  They really help a lot.

September 29, 2014

Whats up??
  This week was pretty good, even though P-day got pushed back 2 days, but that's because we went to the Temple.  We got to go Preview "Meet the Mormons" last Tuesday.  It was pretty good!  You guys will have to go for family night when it comes out!  Gotta do some sweet service too!  Gotta go Buck some hay!  That felt good haven't done that in forever. 

  This past week we focused on getting Members out to Lessons with us and it worked pretty well.  We had more lessons with members, then with out.  Investigators usually like when members come unless we screw up and bring some weird ones!  We have been trying to talk with eveyone as well to find some more people to teach.  Chad is still coming to church every weeek.  We have a lesson with him tonight so hopefully it goes well!

 October Break is already here??  Why didn't it go this fast when I was in school!  Tara is lying I did to talk at lunch!  She got pissed at Nathan Ruddy for putting red peppers in her hair and never sat by us again. haha.

Well thats about it!

Thanks for the letters! And thanks for all you guys do for me!

Elder Bubba Nelson