Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 31, 2015- Always Learning and Being Humbled

(Just to preface....our family has had a few significant challenges since Bubs has been out on his mission, including losing his Grandpa Hancock and recently his Uncle Luke, who he truly loved.  It's been hard on him, not to be here with family during these things.  Please keep him in your prayers!  He'll be home in 4 months!!  Yay!!!  Thanks for your continued love and support. - Marie)

So from all the stuff thats been happening I have been to weak to stand, so have to kneel....a lot!   Not the first time that's happened out here - ha.  Wish I would learn already so don't gotta get humbled so hard all of the time.  I watched a video this morning, "MIssionary Work and The Atonement".   It takes clips from one of Elder Eyrings conference address's during Easter and Some clips from one of Elder Hollands Address's to New Mission Presidents.  It's very powerful it might be online.  Elder Holland says to the Mission Presidents "Your missionaries might ask; Why is this so hard?  Why doesn't it go better?"  The same questions can be applied to life.   He answers "Because salvation is not a cheap experience, Salvation was never easy!  If it wasn't easy for Jesus Christ, then why could we think it would be easy for us?!  We will have to shed at least one of the the tears Christ shed, feel some of the pain he felt. It will only be a little but we will feel it..... he goes one to say, " I believe we will have to pay one token that Christ payed, it will only be a token, but I believe it has to be paid."  It doesn't do it justice through email, so you will have to try to find it online.
I thought to myself, I'm a sissy, I can't do anything but pray.  But I realized Jesus Christ did the same thing when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane.  He cried out to His Father for help. Obviously, he was going through more than any of us ever will.  But turning to our Heavenly Father doesn't mean we are weak, or a sissy, although we are weak with out him.   But the Power of Prayer is real!  I learn that over and over again!

  I hope all is going well and you are all doing good! I Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

March 23, 2015- Whispers Baptism

   This week was a really good week till the end of it. Whisper got baptized on Saturday. My comp started filling up the font and we felt the water about half way through and it was freezing! I went to go shut the water off to let the water warm up and I saw that he turned on the cold water instead of the hot haha. But we didnt have time to drain it and start over, We just filled the rest up with hot water. But it was still pretty cold! Im glad I wasnt the one in the water with her ha. Whisper was shivering and cold! But she was a good sport about it all. We told her she would be warmed up when she recieved the Holy Ghost "Baptized with fire".
   We have been trying to find some more people to teach and tracting alot. But no luck. Except Whispers friend Shylynn came to our last lesson and the baptism&confirmation and invited her to meet with us. She said she would ask her parents and on Sunday we found out that her mom is friends with another recent convert in the branch! So hopefully we can start teaching Shylynn!
    But eerything is going pretty good! Sorry to hear the bad news! I hope everyone is doing well and turning to the Savior for comfort. Uncle Luke is missed!
  Love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson
Whisper's Baptism

March 9, 2015- Git 'er Done!

What up everyone??
      This week was awesome! We are seeing alot happen! A couple weeks ago we recieved a training in Zone Conference about Gods creation pattern. He created everything spiritually before he created them Temporally. We to must create thing spirituall (create it in our minds believe that it will happen and have faith in Christ to help us) then go out there and act and create it temporally with Christs help. Thats what we have been doing. Creating a vision for our area and go out and act in faith and its been working. We seen so many hearts soften and willing to listen. Im loving it right now. I cant believe I come home in 5 months I believe on July 28th to answer your question mom.
  Everything else is going great I love my Zone and my Zone Leaders we have a good time. One of them came out with me and is going home with me! Pray I stay in the Kennewick mission when it splits please!
Love YOu all!
Congrats Chaylee and Devin!
Elder Bubba Nelson

March 2, 2015- Kissed on the Mish??

So something I forgot to email last week... Last Saturday we were out talking to people on the street and this lady came up to us saying "You guys are in a devil town you are wasting you time" we just laughed and kept talking to her. She told us she didnt believe in God because her daughter died a year a go and didnt know why God would take her from her, she was crying the whole time. We talked about the Plan of Salvation for her on the street corner for 30 minutes. Oh and she was pretty drunk as well. But when we were about to leave she told me your a cute kid you gonna do a young lady good someday, then she grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek haha. I told President Ware about it at Zone Conference and he was like " was She cute?" I said well she was like 40-45 so not really.  then he just laughed and said dont do it again or tell her rather not to do it again, and this whole time I was freakin and geekin what he would say haha.
   The Barkers baptism went well! They are so excited about the Gospel and cant wait till some one replaces them at there job so they can come for all 3 hours and not just Sacrament meeting. There daughter who is a member came down for there baptism, she was really excited. It was an awesome experience to perform the baptism for Brother Barker and Confirm Sister Barker and vise versa for my comp.
   Everything is going well though. Our area is on fire. We have been striving to be more obedient with the trainings we been receiving and they have been paying off! Thanks for everything you guys do for me! Good luck with the Wedding this weeek!
Elder Bubba Nelson

P-Day Hike

Barker's Baptism