Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015- Gettin' Weird

Hey Ya'll,

  Sorry gonna be another short one, not like I do a lot of long ones anyway. But I just emailed WednesdayThursday we had Zone Conference, and I had to give my departing testimony! So it was hard to be focused for the rest of that day when I had to do that 9 weeks before I go home ha. But it went well I haven't been that nervous to bare a testimony ever!  So I don't think I can give my homecoming talk sorry Bishop...:) haha jk. 
  Nothing else really happened, its still been a struggle to find elect people. We are gonna try to start working with the branch more. They need to get excited about the work.  There has been 9 baptisms in the past year here! But everything else is going well.
  Love ya'll
Elder Bubba Nelson

May 20, 2015

This week was great! We had some great experiences, we had a great lesson with a lady Mary Canfield she is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon right now. She had a daughter commit suicide about a year ago and is still torn up about that. Taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. She wouldnt commit to a date for baptism or to come to church. We couldnt understand why if she wanted peace in her life so much, come to find out she was in an abusive relationship and is nervous around big groups of people right now. Hopefully she will find comfort and strength to be able to commit to come to church.
Also found a new investigator Gloria, we tracted into about a month ago and havent been able to contact her since. But Elder Potts and I tried by one last time yesterday and she finally answered. She said " remember that old guy (Elder Taylor) that was with you last time and how he asked if there was something wrong and I lied to him and said no but there was. Then he prayed for me and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders" She kept saying she wants more of that feeling. It was awesome. She has a friend thats a member in Yakima and she is moving there next month maybe to Elder Taylors area, we will find out.
  Everything else is going well. Went to the Temple today that was really good. Have Zone Conference tomorrow those are always fun to see old friends. Got to get an interview to renew my temple recommend means im getting old!
  Well hope yall had a good week. Sorry I dont have a lot of time to email. Love yall!
Elder Bubba Nelson

May 11, 2015

It was good to talk to y'all yesterday!  Happy Mother's Day again Mom and all the Mothers reading this!

   After I skyped,  my comp skyped and I was talking to the family whose house we were at , we are teaching there neighbors the Thrush's.  We talked about how to help them and they are still reading the Book of Mormon and Sister Thrush came to Sacrament even though her Son was coming in for Mothers Day.   That was good to see!  They gave us 2 refferals while we were there and we went and contacted them right after .  The first one wasn't interested, said he is atheist.   He was like 50 years old and still racin' motocross.  Then the second one,  was a part member family.  They didn't have time yesterday because they had company, but said we could come back.   So we are excited to see where that goes.

   Nothing else really happened this week.   Just got my staples out. Trying to build our teaching pool back up.   And I got untrunked from yesterday, so that's a plus!  :-)

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

P.S. Oh, I'll be emailing on Wednesday next week, because we will be going to the temple. 

May 4, 2015- Eventful Week

 What an eventful week!  Started off going to urgent care on Tuesday to get some staples in my head from some pruning shearers hitting me in the head.  But that wasn't bad i'm doing great!  Then Thursday we get a call from the Spurgeons ( who are housing coordinators) saying they are moving us in a day early so we had to rush to get all our stuff ready.  Then on Saturday the greatest event of the week Daniel Coburn got baptized!  He was shinning so bright and so happy!  On the way into the font he slipped and fell pretty hard I was worried he would be hurt since he is 79 years old and hit pretty hard but he got right up and proceeded with the baptism.  He came and talked to me after about how this has changed his life he said,   " Once I just stopped fighting it and humbled myself it just came".   Which I never saw that he was fighting it, maybe it was before.  But, it is so true!  Once we just let God help us it comes easily, He is just waiting for us to accept his help.  His daughter joined the church when she was 8 but went LA and came back 8 years ago.  She gave the talk on baptism and in it she said " My dad came to me about a month ago and said when are you gonna tell me about your secret religion?  She said now, and then she reffered him on mormon.org to us." I have loved watching Daniel grow closer to his Savior and watching him find the happiness this Gospel brings into lives.   I'm staying here another transfer but getting a new comp. Elder Potts, who is Chase Allens cousin.  I guess Karalee was right about me being comps with him! Gonna be a fun transfer!

Daniel Coburn's Baptism

Goin' to Urgent Care

8 Staples

April 27, 2015- Elder "Bubba" Nelson

 Pretty good week! Went throught the whole week with out finding anyone one new to teach till Friday and Saturday then we finally found some people! Daniel is doing awesome! He is ready for his baptism this Saturday! Really excited for him! He asked my comp to baptized him and me to confirm him.
  Got sick this week. Havent decided if its the bi-polar weather not knowing if its winter or spring or the black mold thats in our house! But we are moving into our own apartment this week im so excited to have our own place!!
  Everything else is going good. Just working and working. Hope all is well with everyone who reads these!
Elder Bubba Nelson

April 21, 2015- Get 'Em to Church

So this week was alright. We have still been able to teach quite a bit so thats still goin good. We havent found any one new to teach this week. Thats the first week that has happened since I have been in Cle Elum. So pray we find some this week.
   Daniel Loved church! At the end he said " I loved it, wish I started this 40 years ago" Which is when his brother in law introduced the Book of Mormon to him I think. He says he is ready to be baptized and thinks the Book of Mormon is true/ We still invited him to pray about it so he isnt taking our word for it or his daughters. His daughter has sent him so much literature!! Im like dangit women!! Let him focus on the Book of Mormon right now! Daniel was feeling over whelmed and thought he had to read all of that stuff before his baptism. And we told him to just focus on reading the Book of Mormon and its alright if you dont finish it before your baptism you dont have to.
   Sister Thrush also came to church and stayed for all 3 hours this time. She seemed to enjoy it. We didnt have a chance to talk to her after. She was gone by the time we were done talking to Daniel.
   Things are still going great. Hope all is well with ya'll
Love ya!
Elder Bubba Nelson

April 13, 2015- What is Happening??

Awesome week!  We found 4 new people to teach!   First one is Jim Studabaker, he and his family are going through a hard time right now.  All his questions were about the Plan of Salvation, so we taught that and he was in tears the whole time.  They call the Missionaries the Mormon Angels because they always show up at the right time.  And his wife Cinnamon says she will never convert but whatevs, we will see about that!  Jim wants to learn more and is working towards May 2 for baptism.

  Also Bill & Jan Thrush are meeting with us now.  I have mentioned them before they are friends of the Rowleys who we stayed with last week. (which I gained 6 pounds from btdubs;/) (btdubs means by the way I guess...I had to ask for an interpretation)   But they are awesome, down to earth people.  They loved the Restoration video and Jan came to church.   That was awesome!
We got a media refferal from the MTC for Daniel Coburn.  His daughter, who is a member, referred him!  He is so ready and has been prepared.  He was outside when we pulled up and invited us right in.  Starts talking to us like we know what's been going on and why he wants to meet with us.  (Which we didn't know)  So we told him that and he was like well " What do I gotta do to get in this thing?"  And he says I know you guys live clean lives but are you still allowed to go out and do things?  I couldn't help to laugh, and said, " Yeah of course we are still allowed to live.  He started naming some of the Word of Wisdom stuff and he new basically all of them and we told him about coffee and tea and he said, "That's not a problem I'll give that up today.  I rarely drink that stuff any way."  Freaking insane, ha.  So we taught the Restoration and after the 1st Vision he said, "Well that makes sense."  It was a great lesson he is on date for baptism on May 2nd as well!  I don't know what we are doing to get these Elect people.  Thats how all the baptisms have been here!  And it's in Cle Elum of all places!!  Goes to show that God is in charge of this work and just gotta involve him!
  Well hope ya'll had a great week!  Love you Famdamily & Framily! (friends)

April 6, 2015- Spiritual Overload

People actually read my letters.....uh oh...better watch what I say then - ha.  

Dickerson's sent me an Easter package.  :-)

     Conference was amazing!  Saturday mainly made me trunky!  Mainly all they talked about was marriage and fatherhood!  It was ridiculous!  And to make me even more trunky on Wednesday morning, I got my "Trunky call" where the mission office just calls, makes sure your address and all that is the same.  But some take aways from General Conference are:

1.Live the Law of the Fast

2.Use the atonement it will heal us, leaving no scars

3. Male and Females complete each other, not compete

4. Receive the word of God with Gladness and acceptance

5. Don't stay still in Trials, move forward and CHOOSE to BELIEVE

6. Follow Christ, like the Sunflower follows the sun

7. Search the scriptures and pray often

8 We all have strengths and talents-Build upon them

9. We hold the PRIESTHOOD of GOD

10. The Book of Mormon is Key to spiritual survival

Those were some of my main take aways of conference.  We didn't get too much done this week, had a lot of meetings and General Conference takes up a lot of time.
      We got kicked out of our house for the week, they had family coming into town so we couldn't be there.  So we are staying at another families home, the Rowley's.   They are awesome, they are retired farmers. He now has the biggest wood shop for a hobby I have seen.  He mills all his wood as well, from his own property.  Imma get fat this week I'm used to just having protein for breakfast but they are cooking us breakfast.  Filled us up with waffles this morning.  Idon't know if imma wanna leave at the end of the week.  I get a queen size bed and don't have to shower in sulfur water like at our usual home!

      Everything else is going pretty well. Keep the Barkers in your prayers please. They found out his chemo isn't working and they have to try a new chemo.  He has had a couple of blessings saying he would be healed so we talked about not losing faith and believe in the blessings. And we bore our testimonies that they were from God.  We are going fishing over there today since they have a pond on the Camp Ground they manage, so we don't need a fishing license.
Love you all! 

Elder Bubba Nelson