Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 12, 2015- Met Bob Barker, what??

 So this week was sikk nasty!! On Tuesday we had a return appointment with a couple Bob&Sharon Barker. There daughters (who is a member) called the Branch President here about the week before I got here because her dad (Bob) was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she wanted him to have a blessing. So the branch president sent the missionaries. And when they went they said they wanted to learn more about the gospel and that's when I got introduced to them at the return appointment. We taught them the Restoration and they loved it. They committed to give up smoking, tea , and coffee by this Saturday and also to be baptized on February 7th!! Bob Barker is getting baptized "the price is right" fyi not the real Bob Barker haha. The work here is going awesome. There are slow days since this place is so small but there are tons of people out there that are being prepared by the Lord and wanting to find happiness in there life!
  So, Almost died yesterda! Comin down a mountain and it was snowing and going a lil to fast and our jeep went sideways! Was about a foot from runnin into the side of a cliff then about 4 feet from rollin down the mountain. Its ok though got the Lord on our side and I know how to drift so I corrected it pretty fast:) I needed that adrenalin rush haha. 
  Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson

January 5, 2015- 1st week in Cle Elum

What up?? Cle Elum is awesome! It's up in the mountains and there are actually pines there and green! I havent seen this much green since I have left. I feel like im actually in Washington now. Im serving in a branch there was about 30 people at church. But alot of people are sick there are usually 50 or so there. There was a baptism here on Saturday Tania Denny got baptized she is awesome! Im serving with Elder Drummond im greenie busting him he just finished getting trained. In our District is only one other companionship so its tiny tiny! Our Ward Mission Leader use to be a cage fighter pretty sikk hes pretty cool. We drive a 2014 jeep compass up here:) Had a pretty good lesson with a new guy we found named Nick they first talked to him outside of mikes tavern then we taught him on thursday. It was kind of a crazy lesson his neighbor came and talked to us to. So I was talking to her while my comp was talking to Nick. He wants to change his life but he doesnt see the hope of it happening. So the Gospel will give him that hope.
  Well thanks for everything love ya all!
Elder Bubba Nelson

December 29, 2014- Transfer Week! Cle Elum, WA here I come!!

So I'm getttin transfered to Cle Ellum.  It's up by the Cascade Mountains so it's gonna be green with pine trees:)  But it will also be cold cold.  I'm sad to leave HermTown but I guess I have been here long enough, and I'm needed in Cle Ellum.
  It was good to talk to you guys on Christmas everyone is looking good and happy.  Good to see that its still crazy there haha. 

  Chads baptism was awesome!  He was smiling the whole time!  His wife sang a solo "I Believe in Christ" he started crying during that.  He cried when Bishop invited them to work towards getting sealed in the Temple in a year.  He wants to go so bad!  They are thinking of moving to AZ:)  It was awesome to confirm him as well.
  I'm excited to go to Cle Ellum to find some brothers and sisters there and help them. Thanks for all you guys do for me!

Elder Bubba Nelson

Elder Bubba Nelson
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December 22, 2014-Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight JACK!

 *** BEfore I start my email transfer calls come saturday so anything you send, send to the MISSION HOME*****
   So awesome week! We got everything set up for Chads baptism! Its getting exciting and not so stressful right now! Our Bishop will be baptizing him and he asked me to confirm him. Im so happy and excited for him, its been awesome to see how much he has grown in the Gospel. He has paid his tithing since he got married 8 months ago to his wife thats a member, even when they were just living on his income. Bettter man than me haha.
  So I got a hug from a pro rodeo NFR champion Brad Goodrich look him up;) HIs son Gator (awesome name) just got baptized he is 9 and his mom grew up in the church and his older sister got baptized a couple years ago. They are in Elder Wilcox's ward I went there on exchanges over there a couple times and His mom Jodi shes a barrel racer and her daughter come to our ward though because he daughter Josie has a lot of friends in our ward so ive gotten to know them pretty well. I had the oppurtunity to interview Gator, that was awesome!
  WEll thats about it! How was y'alls week??
Elder Bubba Nelson
Merry CHRISTmas!!

Gator's Baptism