Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Whats going on with the internet? (Our internet has been down all month.  After 3 visits from Cox and me replacing every modem, router and wire it's finally working!)  Why is life so hectic right now?  (Oh, my!) How are things going with J.J.?   Are you guys still planning on going to the Ranch for Thanksgiving?  Yeah I'm glad we have a place to go for Thanksgiving too! 
  Well my week was pretty good.  We had that meeting with elder Richards last monday and since then we found 4 new investigators.   Our zone set a goal to get 2,000 oyms (open your mouths) before Christmas. As our gift to the Savior.  One night we were tracting for an hour and only had 2 people answer their door.  I was a little mad about that.  But when 8:30 rolled around, when there is nothing to do, we decided to go get hot chocolate at the gas station.  After we checked out and about to walk out, the cashier asked us if we had a pamphlet with us.  So we went out to our car and got a pamphlet and taught her the restoration right there in the gas station.  It went pretty well.  We finished and were just talking with her, then a cop walked in and she had to get back to work.  Cops ruin everything!  But we gave her our number, well so i thought, I got my cell number and my Missionary cell number mixed up, so we gotta go back and give her the right one.  The work is going pretty good here.  It's weird being away from home for the Holidays, but that's alright, it's not as hard as I thought it would be. 
Jed and Ellie, I wrotyou letter so I will be expecting some back.  Hand written letters -  is like Christmas every time I get them - haha.

I just sent you guys alot of pictures!  Did my package get stolen or have you  not sent it yet?  (Nope - I'm a slacker and haven't sent it yet!)

 Elder Pesnell says Hi

  Well I hope everything is going well for all of you!  Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!

Elder Nelson

November 19

Good to hear that Grandpas funeral went well and that he had a good last couple of days.  Sounds like everybody pitched in to help and are still helping.   Have you guys started building the cabin yet?  (haha - in our dreams!) Tell Dad to put a wood stove in there I love chopping wood I did it for a couple hours the other day everyone burns wood in the winter up here.  How is everyone doing?  You guys still have work going on?   Sister Brown said that you messaged her about Grandpa and she gave her condolences to me on Sunday.  I cried for the first time on my mission 2 Saturdays ago, haha.  I was praying to have a confirmation about the Book of Mormon. I always knew it was true just from reading it but I never prayed about it and our Mission President invited us to do so, so I did. And we were at a members home and she played her accordion for us and she played Praise to the Man.  When she was playing that, the spirit was so strong. I knew it was true!   Then we bore are testimonies at the end and I started crying.  That was embarassing - ha.  I didnt write yesterday because we had a meeting in Wenatchee with Elder Richards a member of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy. He talked about having faith in what we are doing.  And not to just teach the same lesson the same way to every investigator.  He said that's why President Hinkley got rid of the memorized discussions and also to teach very simply.  He basically rebuked us.  He built us up for 2 hours then rebuked us for 2 hours - ha.  The average for baptisms in the Northwest is 1 out of 17 baptized, but in our mission it's 1 out of 41 that are baptized.  So he told us we need to teach more simply and to help them understand better.  Told us to stop using analagies because the remember the story not the principle we teach.  So it was a good meeting.  2 sundays ago Karina came to church I was surprised but we haven't been able to catch her since.  This week Analisa came, so that was big for her.  She does the nursery at the Nazerene church so she had to schedule it 2 weeks in advance she seemed to enoy it.     Well I hope I didn't make Sister Karst cry to much. Is Dad and Jed still there home teachers?  How is everything else going at home?      If you haven't sent me a package yet, will you put a copy of the picture that I have in my room of Kyle, Jed and I on the fence?    Try the strawberry airborne.  It's way better than the Lemon-Lime.  I was drinking it, but it's too expensive!  Tell Chaylee to write me.  I havent' heard from her once!  Did Jed write me a letter?  He said he would!Thanks for all the love and support!     Love, Elder Nelson"BUBBA" P.S.  Umm...there are some members that do a Thanksgiving dinner at the church.  Some members invited us to there home and Tristans parents told us we could go to their house too.  So we'll have Thanksgiving at one of those 3 - ha.

November 12

How did you know to email me today and not yesterday?  Yeah I heard about Grandpas passing.  My mission President called Saturday night.  He started talking about people inviting me to go hunting and how it was hard to turn down.  And I thought, he thought I went, so I was thinking I was in trouble.  But then he said he had some unfortunate news so then I knew what it was about.  That's good that he went in peace though in a comfortable clean house.  When is his funeral?  How are you dealing with it?  And how is Grandma doing with it?  I have to say this week at church I probably got the most out of it ever since I was thinking about Grandpa the whole time. I'm gonna miss him.
Yeah you told me about JJ.  So he is officially my brother or just hypothetically right now? 
Transfers were Wednesday I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Pesnell, way better than my other companion.  Its interesting though we both been out the same time so we just try to act like we know what we are doing!  I never realized how hard this area is till I actually had to do the planning and think of things to do through out the day.  So being the Senior Companion sucks, I have never liked having to be in charge, but I guess I better learn.  He has a jacket like the one I ordered but its a Mr. Mac and its way better and it was cheaper, I'm mad I bought mine. 
Things went pretty well this week.  Considering we only had 4 days to reallly work.  Karina came to church this week I was surprised and excited.  The work seems to be slowing down but our numbers aren't showing it.  But I feel like there is alot more times where we are trying to find stuff to do; those times go so slow.  It's alot better when you have to try to make time to do stuff.
The longer I'm out it feels like I forget the lessons more.  So I've been focusing on studying Preach My Gospel more instead of just reading the scriptures.  And I still don't know my scriptures that well.  I can't just flip them open and find a scripture that applies. 
But all is going well.  Our time is getting cut short today so I'll probably be on for a little bit tomorrow too.  So email back if you can.  Thanks for the love and support. Hope everything is going well for you guys.
Elder Nelson

November 13th:
Their P-day was messed up this week so they had 2 short days to do emails.

Is Chaylee thinking about going on a mission?  Haha, so dad has made him his own boy now? (Dan calls JJ, the little boy we are kinship fostering, "Boy". :-))  I forgot to tell you my new comp has an 8 year old down syndrome sister. It sounds like she does alot of the same things Maddie does!  It's pretty fun just swoppin' stories about them.  So who's helping dad with work now?  I had to buy some thermals last pday on my card they only had 2 tops though they didn't have any bottoms my size.  Sorry I'm spending so much money I should of bought winter stuff before I left.  We chopped wood for this native guy and he gave us some elk jerky sticks that are pretty good.  And he's gonna make me and my comp each a drum outta moose hide and gonna paint an eagle on mine and a wolf on my comps.  I'm excited for it!  Hope I'm still here when he finishes it, otherwise he said he would mail it to me. The mission office told me that Christmas packages should be sent early like the week after Thanksgiving or so.  I don't wanna ask for too much.  I just want some ties and either my snowboarding jacket shipped up or a Mr. MAC jacket in a Large tall.  But I'd be fine with just my snowboarding jacket. Well thanks for your emails.  I'll be on for like 30 more minutes or so if you wanna email back.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elder "BUBBA" Nelson

I just need the back pack and some of those thin warm socks its supposed to snow this week.  Also some Airborne.  I bought some today but they only have the small ones at Walmart. Those first toothbrush heads you bought were expensive!  I think thats all I need though.  Well I want a picture of Maddie for halloween like a real picture, not an emailed one.   Yeah my mug to please.

HA thats kinda funny about the lady passing out in the temple and crazy.  (It wasn't funny - sad)   We got transfer calls on Saturday.  My companion is leaving and I'm staying in Coulee Dam.  I'm gonna be the Head Guy In Charge for Coulee Dam, its pretty scary im stressed out haha.   So hopefully I catch on quickly!  We started day light savings Sunday so we are an hour behind you guys now!  Daylight savings is the stupidest thing in the world, I don't like it haha.

So Grandma and Grandpa moved in huh?  How is that going?  Thats good that everyone is pitching in to help though.  

Well I hit my 3 month mark on Halloween.  We didn't get to do anything on Halloween, we just got to go in early at 6 and we did our weekly planning and watched the Testaments.

We had a pretty alright week of work, our most busy day I went on exchanges to Oriville so I didn't get to experience that.  But it was a good day in Orivilee.  Orivile is basically the border of Canada.  We were tracting and this guy said he wasn't interested so we started walking away and we heard a lady yelling and we turned around and the guys neighbor was calling us over to her.  I was thinking this lady is gonna get baptized!  But nope turned out to be the most weirdest freaky experience of my Mission so far.  We were talking with her and explaining who God is and stuff and how he created all things and she picked up a stick and broke it and said, "He didn't create this, I did."  I'm like, "Uh, no you just broke a stick."  And we were talking about the Priesthood and Prophet and Apostles and stuff and how its given by the laying on of hands.  And she put her hands on her head and said, "Can I be a prophet."  I tried so hard not to laugh. I thought I smelled weed on her but I wasn't sure then she took out her pill bottle but it had her weed all pre rolled up in her little blunts and started smoking it.  I'm pretty sure she was drunk too, so we just tried wrapping it up. We went to shake her hand and she tried hugging us and we said we couldn't hug, so she flipped us off haha.  It was an interesting hour and a half.  

That's good that Maddie is the highest functioning in her class.  Tell her to start talking though.  Can you send an updated picture of her and the family before kyle leaves?

You guys have a Boxer now?

Will you send a picture of Alice (Bubba's Horse)  and next time Dad has the Team hooked up to the wagon, a picture of that?   And tell them I want pictures of their hunting adventure please!

Well I've got to go love you.  If dad has time to write next week, I'd like to hear from him.  Tell him he has to write once a month ha. I wrote 7 letters this week, it wore me out ha. I wrote the Karst's, Cauthen, Woolsey, You, G&G Nelson and Kelsee and Kenna.  Will you tell Brother Dickerson and Bishop Dixon that I would love to hear from them and Brother Aubrey?

Well thanks for all you guys do for me.  And yeah I got my debit card all ok.  Thanks for the packages i used all that candy for the Wards Trunk or Treat, and Halloween Trick or Treaters.  Things are going good for me.  Christmas is almost here then I get to call home!  Thanks again for the love and support. I will be on for another hour if you guys can reply back.  Love you all!
Elder Nelson