Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 12

How did you know to email me today and not yesterday?  Yeah I heard about Grandpas passing.  My mission President called Saturday night.  He started talking about people inviting me to go hunting and how it was hard to turn down.  And I thought, he thought I went, so I was thinking I was in trouble.  But then he said he had some unfortunate news so then I knew what it was about.  That's good that he went in peace though in a comfortable clean house.  When is his funeral?  How are you dealing with it?  And how is Grandma doing with it?  I have to say this week at church I probably got the most out of it ever since I was thinking about Grandpa the whole time. I'm gonna miss him.
Yeah you told me about JJ.  So he is officially my brother or just hypothetically right now? 
Transfers were Wednesday I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Pesnell, way better than my other companion.  Its interesting though we both been out the same time so we just try to act like we know what we are doing!  I never realized how hard this area is till I actually had to do the planning and think of things to do through out the day.  So being the Senior Companion sucks, I have never liked having to be in charge, but I guess I better learn.  He has a jacket like the one I ordered but its a Mr. Mac and its way better and it was cheaper, I'm mad I bought mine. 
Things went pretty well this week.  Considering we only had 4 days to reallly work.  Karina came to church this week I was surprised and excited.  The work seems to be slowing down but our numbers aren't showing it.  But I feel like there is alot more times where we are trying to find stuff to do; those times go so slow.  It's alot better when you have to try to make time to do stuff.
The longer I'm out it feels like I forget the lessons more.  So I've been focusing on studying Preach My Gospel more instead of just reading the scriptures.  And I still don't know my scriptures that well.  I can't just flip them open and find a scripture that applies. 
But all is going well.  Our time is getting cut short today so I'll probably be on for a little bit tomorrow too.  So email back if you can.  Thanks for the love and support. Hope everything is going well for you guys.
Elder Nelson

November 13th:
Their P-day was messed up this week so they had 2 short days to do emails.

Is Chaylee thinking about going on a mission?  Haha, so dad has made him his own boy now? (Dan calls JJ, the little boy we are kinship fostering, "Boy". :-))  I forgot to tell you my new comp has an 8 year old down syndrome sister. It sounds like she does alot of the same things Maddie does!  It's pretty fun just swoppin' stories about them.  So who's helping dad with work now?  I had to buy some thermals last pday on my card they only had 2 tops though they didn't have any bottoms my size.  Sorry I'm spending so much money I should of bought winter stuff before I left.  We chopped wood for this native guy and he gave us some elk jerky sticks that are pretty good.  And he's gonna make me and my comp each a drum outta moose hide and gonna paint an eagle on mine and a wolf on my comps.  I'm excited for it!  Hope I'm still here when he finishes it, otherwise he said he would mail it to me. The mission office told me that Christmas packages should be sent early like the week after Thanksgiving or so.  I don't wanna ask for too much.  I just want some ties and either my snowboarding jacket shipped up or a Mr. MAC jacket in a Large tall.  But I'd be fine with just my snowboarding jacket. Well thanks for your emails.  I'll be on for like 30 more minutes or so if you wanna email back.

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