Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 22, 2014

My week went pretty well.  I can't remember what all happened though.... ha I'm drawing a blank.   I went on exchanges with one of my ZL's.   I had my best experience of tracting, like the first 10 doors that we knocked, like 5 of them said that we could come back!  That never happens its always like 1 out of 10 that will let us come back!

  I started reading "Believing Christ" again its one of my favorite books.  It puts the Atonement so simply and easy to understand.  My favorite analogy that he gives is the sports analogy.  He compares our baptismal covenant to joining a football team.  He says when the reciever makes a touchdown the whole team scores or if the running back makes a touch down the whole team scores even if your 2nd or 3rd string or on special teams the whole team wins the game not just the people playing on the field.  And applys that to, we are on a team whos captain and QB is Jesus Christ and he throws nothing but touch downs.  Even if he asks us to be 3rd string or sit on the bench most of the game.  We all have our different strengths and will win as long as we stay on Christ team.  So thats what I learned this week.  And trying to be more bold in my teaching.

  How long is Kyles hunt going for?

Hope everyone gets feeling better.

Thanks for everything that everyone does for me!

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

September 15, 2014

Training is going good.  Not as stressed anymore.  We had a Stake Day of Service on saturday thats what I was doing in that picture you got.  There were a bunch of projects but we picked to help dig a trench that was 200 ft long and 3 ft deep.  My hands are blistered now and im freakin sore!!  I've gotten weak on the mission!  Investigators are doing great.  They just need to put more effort into trying to find there answers they think its just going to come to them, but they gotta work for it.

 On Tuesday I gotta go on an exchange with Elder Wilcox, I served around him when I was in Kennewick too. It was much needed just to spend a day with a Bro and have fun and get some work done!

  Sounds like the Primary Program is going to be pretty good!

You guys had a pretty busy weekend!  Lots of fun stuff that you guys have going on!

  We got a new Ward Mission Leader and I think things are gonna start happening.  He just got home from a Senior Mission and he is pumped to do missionary work.  And is getting the Ward in check right now!

  I'm doing great just trying to stay focused and not waste time away or think about how much longer that I have out here.

Love you all! 

 Let the hand written letters flow family and friends! :)

Elder Bubba Nelson

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Preach My Gospel Advice

Dear Family and Friends,

I got the greatest email this morning from our YM Pres. in our Ward.  I was so touched and thought I'd share it with you all.

 Thank you all for your letters, love, faith and prayers in Bubba's behalf.  

We love you all!  

I sent e-mails out awhile back requesting that each of the missionaries serving from our ward write a few sentences to the youth about how they feel about Lesson 1 of Preach My Gospel and to encourage them as we have our PMG night this Wednesday.  I received the most powerful expression of testimony that I have encountered in some time from Bubba.  I read his note in its entirety to the Priests and Laurels and two Teachers (Jed and Johnathon) who were gathered at my home to practice on Wednesday night.  His testimony has strengthened mine this week.  I suspect it will do the same for you. 

What up Young Men and Young Women of the Gilbert 3rd Ward this is Elder Bubba Nelson.
I was asked to write a few sentences to you guys about the Preach My Gospel activity you guys are about to do.
     My word of Advice that I have are to be yourself you don't have to teach it the same that's in Preach my Gospel or how your friend teaches it. Use your personality to your own benifit people love when your being real with them and being your self and not a robot. Still teach the principles in PMG but use your own words in the way the Spirit directs
  Secondly Teach with power and authority the Message of the Restoration is the most powerful message you will ever teach. It is my favorite message to share with people. We received some training on how to teach it more simply we had to teach it in 10 min then 5, then 2. It was hard! They were just trying to help us understand how simple it can be. A 70 gave counsel to My Mission President to tell us to rush to the Restoration when we are talking with people. It will bring a Spiritual impression/feeling that they will never be able to deny.
   Lastly for those of you that were like me and don't really wanna go this activity I promise that it will help! If you take it seriously and put your effort into it you will receive just as much if not more than the people your are teaching will. Learn the Restoration and Love it!
 I bear Testimony that this Gospel is real! That Joseph Smith Truly did see Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! And that Jesus Christ did restore his Church on earth through Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it will bring you very close to your Savior as your read it and study it. I know President Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God and leads this Church as Christ would if he were personally here! Jesus Christ lives! In the name of Jesus Christ Amen!
Remember to be yourself!
Elder Bubba Nelson

IT'S GOIN DOWN!! September 8, 2014

  So this week was crazy!!  All the Zone Leaders meet once a month with the Mission Pres. to discuss things that are going on and what we can do better, then they bring it to their zones in zone meeting.  Well our Zone Meeting was Saturday and things just got a hole lot stricter!!  The First Presidency is cracking down.  Not gonna lie I'm not a fan of some of the rules but I'll follow them.  They will be good, just gonna be hard to change and follow them after having different rules for a year.  

   This week we roofed a house for a recent converts dad.  He kept telling his son how much he respected us for what we are doing, sacraficing 2 yaers and what not.  He said his dad never gives compliments.  We also invited him to the Fiesta that the ward is having on Friday and he accepted to come.  And Gonzalo (the recent convert) said his dad usually never goes to social things, not even family fuctions alot of the time. So it was pretty cool.

  We are still teaching Chad he still hasn't got his answer yet.  He told us on Wednesday that he hasn't really been praying to know lately because he forgets.  So we re-committed him to do that.  We have a lesson with him tonight so hopefully it goes well.

  Yeah I got your package thank you for that!  IT was awesome.  Dang Chaylee, learn how to longboard!  haha. jk  I hope she heals quickly!!  (Chaylee was in a long boarding accident last weekend and ended up with some major road rash on her face, a concussion and the bones in her wrist compacted, that if they don't heal will need surgery!  Prayers - please!)

Thanks for everything!
Elder Bubba Nelson

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

 What up?  Training is going well.  Stressful havin' a son but its going pretty good.  This week we didn't get to do a lot of work because we had a lot of meetings we had to go to that took all day.  Then we helped roof one of our Investigators Dad's house and did that all day.  Of course it started to rain right when we got all the roof stripped off.  So we had to rush and get it all covered.  Fun stuff!
We found 2 new investigators this week.  Jaime and Azusuanna, we maid 'em cry?  You proud of us?  We went in, hit em with the Spirit and they wanted to change by the time we left.  They told us they wanted to have more faith and act on the faith.  So we read Alma 31 with them.  It was a pretty cool lesson.  My Son was like "Missionary work is so easy and fun."  I said of course it is!  (While thinking in my head - Oh you just wait!  You've got a rude awakening coming!  haha!)  He is so inoccent and socially awkward so he doesn't get a lot of the things that are going on, its kinda funny haha.  But he is a great missionary.  It's crazy that he graduated just like 4 months ago.  I couldnt imagine leaving right after high school.  Well I hope all is well!  Thanks for everything!

Elder Bubba Nelson


My Homie! Elder Taylor
Elder Schoenberger my comp for the past 6 weeks 
Love this kid he is leavin me Elder Carter
Best Spanish Elders ever Hansen and Carter

"The Plexiest Men in the World"

August 25, 2014- Transfer Calls

 So..... we got our transfer calls, and I'm training a new missionary... freakin stressin right now.  This was a stressful week.  I had to talk in scarament for the first time in my mission.  I got used to talking in investigators homes but not at the pulpit, but I think it went pretty good.  I was asked to base my talk off of Elder Hollands talk from last conference " The cost and blessing of discipleship".  I actually filled all my time and then some.   I didn't think I would.  But thanks to "The Race", that addes 5 minutes for me haha.  We had an awesome lesson with Greg yesterday.  His co-worker that drives him to work everyday is a member and he invited Greg and us over for dinner and a lesson yesterday.  We talked about the Plan of the Salvation he got held off on the Holy Spirit because he felt it so strongly his first time coming to church with us 2 weeks ago.  I think he will get baptized in a few months.
  My favorite ZL is going home today!  I'm pissed right now.  But Elder Wilcox is gonna be in my district again, so I'm pumped about that.  He's gonna be my district leader as well.

    Sounds like everything is going good.  Good to hear the roof got fixed.   Hope everyone likes there jobs and working.  

 Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

August 18, 2014

My week went pretty good.  I got to go on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders.  We went and stayed the night in Hepner.   It's a small town about 45 minutes away, the place where I took that "Everything is bigger in Plexas" picture.   It was a fun time there.   The family they stay with down there; they are totally cowboy.  We spent our whole lunch practicing roping on his roping dummy.  So he gave us the ropes we were using it was pretty cool. 

  We had some good lessons this week!  Greg (drunk Greg) he came to church last week and yesterday, but we had a lesson with him on Saturday.  He told us that he loved Church and how he felt there and that he hadn't felt like that in a long time.  We explained that it was the Spirit that he was feeling and that he can feel that all the time.  He was hesitant to come to church when we invited him Saturday, but we said if you love that feeling and want to feel it, Church is the best place to bring it into your life.  So he came!

  We helped a Guy named Philip move in on Wednesday, he was a refferal from the Mesa, AZ mission.  He moved in right next door to the church and he said that it was a sign.  So he wants to start meeting with us and he came to church Sunday as well!  Chad also came to church and some random guy Kenny came that just showed up because he needs help. 

What the heck is a Sports Hernia?  Does Jed need surgery for that?  (Jed got a Sports Hernia his 1st week of football practice and is out for at least a month.  Hopefully no surgery will be needed, but it is a possibility.
Sounds like everyone is staying busy, and that things are going pretty well for everyone.
 Happy Birthday Ellie!  (She's officially a teenager!)

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson