Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

 "What up Family and Friends?"

  We had a pretty good week this week.  We had 5 lessons in one day this week.  That was the fastest day of my mission, I wish I was that busy everyday!  Chad is still progressing well.  He needs to find a job that will allow him to come to the right ward and stay the whole time.  Fidel committed to come to Church but he had an 'emergency" come up Sunday morning, but hopefully he will come this next week.   Idk if we had Tai on date last week but he is now.  He needs to give up his word of wisdom issues and Law of Chasity issues this week. His date is Aug 16th.

  I have re dedicated my self to serve to my fullest for this next year.  I was reading my letters you guys sent when I was in the MTC and you said you would type up my setting apart blessing and send it and also my farewell talk but we forgot about it.  So can you do that this week?

  Wheres this picture of Jeds back?  (Jed got launched and air borne off one of the mules this weekend at the ranch.  He has a nice puncture wound that will leave him a NICE battle scar!  Probably should've had stitches!)  Thats what I wanna see haha. (Of course it's funny to a brother!)   Are you guys still up there?  (We spent the weekend up at the Ranch.  It was kind of warm when Matt & Deb and Willie and Connie were there but cooled off nice on Sunday and Monday.  We left 78 degree weather on Monday to come home to 109!  Maddie LOVES to just roam up there and she is fast at taking off!)

Thanks for the package!  The Dri Fit socks are comfy, Thank You!  Everyone loved your cookies everyone went hard on them.  They are gone as of last night haha.

 Thanks for all you guys do for me.  I'll try to make you guys proud.  As Dads departing words to me.  (He does make us SO proud!)

Love y'all

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 21, 2014

 Transfers were this Wednesday, my comp got transferred and I got a new one Elder Schoenberger he's ight. He doesn't talk to much so I don't really know what to think of him yet. He is from Chandler, AZ he is our district leader as well. Another District Leader comp haha.
  We put Fidel Sandoval on date for August 23rd if he finds his answer by then. Chad Morris is also on date for August 23rd if he finds his answer by then. So please pray for them that they will be able to find there answers and that they will do all that they can to find it as well.
 Living with 3 other missionaries gets crazy sometimes we always have fun at night. And its hard to get to bed on time, then we regret it when we have to wake up and go running. 
 Oh just got your email so I have more to write about haha.
 That's good that the insurance is covering the damage from the storm. So the whole family, Matt, Deb, Willie, Connie, and all there kids are going to the ranch too? Sounds like a party.  Is Dad still working on that septic tank up at the ranch for Wayne? Can you take a picture of our entrance to the ranch and email it to me? I want it for a planner cover. And make sure to take some picture of your guys' week up there:)

July 14, 2014

 This week went pretty good.  We found a new Part Member family to teach Chad and Megan Morris.  They just got married and young couple.  Chad is the non member.  He was meeting with the missionaries before they got married but didn't really like them so he didn't want to keep meeting with them.  That was in Paco so when they moved here he was little hesitant to meet with missionaries again, so it took him about a month to contact us.  But we had a lesson with him on Tuesday and it went well.  His wife is a big help in the lessons.  He committed to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it.  We have a return appointment on Tuesday and they are feeding us dinner after, so I guess he likes us haha.

 We also went down to Hepner since my companion is district leader (all my comps have been district leader except for one and that was only for 6 weeks) he has to interview the Zone Leaders Investigators for baptism.  So we went and stayed the night down there Wed to Thurs.  Interviewed him Wed night and then worked down there all day Thursday.  And the kid Derrick Smith got baptized on Saturday so it was pretty cool.  I have a picture from there that I'll send!  FYI, we live in a Duplex and our house is called the Plex, that information is important for the title of the picture. The picture is down in Hepner though.

 Well I hope ya'll are doin well!  Thanks for all you guys do!  Love you and miss you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson
"Everything Is Bigger In Plexas"

July 7, 2014

Yeah I got the package last Monday after emailing.  Thank you for the package, I really enjoyed it!

Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure at the Ranch.  Were you guys able to fix the ranger?  Well at least you guys all got you exercise from hiking back after breaking down haha suckas!
This week was pretty alright.  I stayed more focused at least, haha.  I pray every day to stay focused and to enjoy the mission.  And I've been able to enjoy it more.  I've started to notice the small things that God puts in my path.  Like tracting sucks, but while tracting this week I found a turkey feather, just like the one that I use to have in my hat.  Now I have a new one to put in it when I get home.  I got to talk to a guy about his brand new cummins, and I shared the gospel with him.  Just gotta break the ice with something that they have an interest in.  Then I gotta have dinner with a Taxidermist and he showed me all his kills and all the kills of his costumers.  So I've learned to enjoy the small things and makes the days better.

This week was slower a lot of our investigators canceled probably because of "INDEPENDENCE DAY" sounds better than the 4th of July, haha. So hopefully we are able to teach more this week. 

My Independence Day was pretty good.  Me and one of my Zone Leaders (we live with the zone leaders, my comp is district leader)  Got on the roof to watch the fireworks.  And my comp and the other Zone Leader stayed down in the grass because my comp didn't wanna get up there. 

Well thanks for all you guys do for me! Love You all!

Elder Bubba Nelson
Hopkins Family from Kennewick

June 23, 2014

(My email wouldn't send to him so all I got from him the week before was... "No email?" That's it! I scolded him and told him he should've written me anyway!)

Sorry for not writing last week haha.  I'll do better because I hate when people don't write me.  I know I'm starting to get old in the mission because my letters are starting to slow down:/

I haven't officially got the package yet.  I got the note for the package in our mail box but the package stays at the post office and it was closed on Saturday.  I'm gonna get it today, so thank you!

Hermiston is good.  Makes me dream a lot more.  A lot of Cummins driving around, I dream about what I'm gonna do with life a lot more out here.  But we had interviews and specialized training this past week.   A lot of it was on staying focused on "Our Purpose" so I guess that is what I needed.  And I've focused on staying focused since then and I've been doing pretty good.  We were able to soft commit 2 investigators to baptism, so once they come to know these things are true then they will be baptized. There names are Fidel Sandoval and David I don't know his last name.

We got 92 oyms this week, that's the most I've  ever gotten in a week so that was pretty good. (fyi oym means, open your mouth) so like talking with people whether it be tracting or street contacting.

Yeah I'm still liking living with the group.  Still would always be easier if I was living alone, haha but I guess its just preparing me to be a parent.  Oh yeah my President thinks I have ADD haha I told you I have it.  But I don't know if he was serious or if he meant I just need to stay focused.

Lucky you guys getta go to Cali?  How many kids are Willie and Connie going to have now?

Oh yeah, my Ward Mission Leader is a Chiropractor, I went to his office last monday and got adjusted. He told me my right side of my brain isn't triggering my right side muscles.  But I went back today and told him that's the side the truck hit me on.  And he said that might be it to.  So he adjusted me and also does stuff to strengthen it and try to fix it.  He does it for free too.  :)  I'm glad, because the first visit is $145 then $45 for all others.

Well that's about it.  Gonna stay focused on the work this week and work hard. 

Love ya'll! Have fun at Cali and the Ranch!

Elder Bubba Nelson 

"Best District Ever"