Monday, July 28, 2014

June 23, 2014

(My email wouldn't send to him so all I got from him the week before was... "No email?" That's it! I scolded him and told him he should've written me anyway!)

Sorry for not writing last week haha.  I'll do better because I hate when people don't write me.  I know I'm starting to get old in the mission because my letters are starting to slow down:/

I haven't officially got the package yet.  I got the note for the package in our mail box but the package stays at the post office and it was closed on Saturday.  I'm gonna get it today, so thank you!

Hermiston is good.  Makes me dream a lot more.  A lot of Cummins driving around, I dream about what I'm gonna do with life a lot more out here.  But we had interviews and specialized training this past week.   A lot of it was on staying focused on "Our Purpose" so I guess that is what I needed.  And I've focused on staying focused since then and I've been doing pretty good.  We were able to soft commit 2 investigators to baptism, so once they come to know these things are true then they will be baptized. There names are Fidel Sandoval and David I don't know his last name.

We got 92 oyms this week, that's the most I've  ever gotten in a week so that was pretty good. (fyi oym means, open your mouth) so like talking with people whether it be tracting or street contacting.

Yeah I'm still liking living with the group.  Still would always be easier if I was living alone, haha but I guess its just preparing me to be a parent.  Oh yeah my President thinks I have ADD haha I told you I have it.  But I don't know if he was serious or if he meant I just need to stay focused.

Lucky you guys getta go to Cali?  How many kids are Willie and Connie going to have now?

Oh yeah, my Ward Mission Leader is a Chiropractor, I went to his office last monday and got adjusted. He told me my right side of my brain isn't triggering my right side muscles.  But I went back today and told him that's the side the truck hit me on.  And he said that might be it to.  So he adjusted me and also does stuff to strengthen it and try to fix it.  He does it for free too.  :)  I'm glad, because the first visit is $145 then $45 for all others.

Well that's about it.  Gonna stay focused on the work this week and work hard. 

Love ya'll! Have fun at Cali and the Ranch!

Elder Bubba Nelson 

"Best District Ever"

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