Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

 "What up Family and Friends?"

  We had a pretty good week this week.  We had 5 lessons in one day this week.  That was the fastest day of my mission, I wish I was that busy everyday!  Chad is still progressing well.  He needs to find a job that will allow him to come to the right ward and stay the whole time.  Fidel committed to come to Church but he had an 'emergency" come up Sunday morning, but hopefully he will come this next week.   Idk if we had Tai on date last week but he is now.  He needs to give up his word of wisdom issues and Law of Chasity issues this week. His date is Aug 16th.

  I have re dedicated my self to serve to my fullest for this next year.  I was reading my letters you guys sent when I was in the MTC and you said you would type up my setting apart blessing and send it and also my farewell talk but we forgot about it.  So can you do that this week?

  Wheres this picture of Jeds back?  (Jed got launched and air borne off one of the mules this weekend at the ranch.  He has a nice puncture wound that will leave him a NICE battle scar!  Probably should've had stitches!)  Thats what I wanna see haha. (Of course it's funny to a brother!)   Are you guys still up there?  (We spent the weekend up at the Ranch.  It was kind of warm when Matt & Deb and Willie and Connie were there but cooled off nice on Sunday and Monday.  We left 78 degree weather on Monday to come home to 109!  Maddie LOVES to just roam up there and she is fast at taking off!)

Thanks for the package!  The Dri Fit socks are comfy, Thank You!  Everyone loved your cookies everyone went hard on them.  They are gone as of last night haha.

 Thanks for all you guys do for me.  I'll try to make you guys proud.  As Dads departing words to me.  (He does make us SO proud!)

Love y'all

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