Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 4, 2014

       What up Framily?
  This week went pretty good. Had an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders on Tuesday, it went pretty good. Got to do some unexpected service hanging some dry wall, good thing ive done that a couple times so I knew what I was doing because the guy didn't really know haha. We also had a pretty good lesson with Chad on Tuesday. Taught the Word of Wisdom and tithing, well I guess we just went over it because he already new about it and living it. He committed to live by those when he married his wife. Thats the first time an investigator started living commandments that he has had problems with in the past before we invited them to do so. He misses coffee alot, he still goes to starbucks sometimes to get an ice water just so he can go in there because he like the atmosphere. He feels like aug 23rd isnt the right date so hes gonna keep praying for his answer, but he says once he gets it he will be baptized that week!
  Oh I got the crap kicked outta me ill send you the video of it.
 Looks like y'all had a blast at the Ranch. I like the pic of the sunset nothing like a good ol' AZ sunset. 
Idk what else happened this week. Im alot more tired all the time now idk why. Something about after your year mark it all just hits you I guess. I over slept during our lunch break yesterday.. ooops... life goes on., its getting harder to run in morning as well but gotta keep doing it. 
Thanks for all you guys have done for me and continue to do for me. Friends get those letters rollin again:) and family too. Yes you Jed you havent written in awhile.
Elder Bubba Nelson

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