Monday, July 28, 2014

July 7, 2014

Yeah I got the package last Monday after emailing.  Thank you for the package, I really enjoyed it!

Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure at the Ranch.  Were you guys able to fix the ranger?  Well at least you guys all got you exercise from hiking back after breaking down haha suckas!
This week was pretty alright.  I stayed more focused at least, haha.  I pray every day to stay focused and to enjoy the mission.  And I've been able to enjoy it more.  I've started to notice the small things that God puts in my path.  Like tracting sucks, but while tracting this week I found a turkey feather, just like the one that I use to have in my hat.  Now I have a new one to put in it when I get home.  I got to talk to a guy about his brand new cummins, and I shared the gospel with him.  Just gotta break the ice with something that they have an interest in.  Then I gotta have dinner with a Taxidermist and he showed me all his kills and all the kills of his costumers.  So I've learned to enjoy the small things and makes the days better.

This week was slower a lot of our investigators canceled probably because of "INDEPENDENCE DAY" sounds better than the 4th of July, haha. So hopefully we are able to teach more this week. 

My Independence Day was pretty good.  Me and one of my Zone Leaders (we live with the zone leaders, my comp is district leader)  Got on the roof to watch the fireworks.  And my comp and the other Zone Leader stayed down in the grass because my comp didn't wanna get up there. 

Well thanks for all you guys do for me! Love You all!

Elder Bubba Nelson
Hopkins Family from Kennewick

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