Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 22, 2014

My week went pretty well.  I can't remember what all happened though.... ha I'm drawing a blank.   I went on exchanges with one of my ZL's.   I had my best experience of tracting, like the first 10 doors that we knocked, like 5 of them said that we could come back!  That never happens its always like 1 out of 10 that will let us come back!

  I started reading "Believing Christ" again its one of my favorite books.  It puts the Atonement so simply and easy to understand.  My favorite analogy that he gives is the sports analogy.  He compares our baptismal covenant to joining a football team.  He says when the reciever makes a touchdown the whole team scores or if the running back makes a touch down the whole team scores even if your 2nd or 3rd string or on special teams the whole team wins the game not just the people playing on the field.  And applys that to, we are on a team whos captain and QB is Jesus Christ and he throws nothing but touch downs.  Even if he asks us to be 3rd string or sit on the bench most of the game.  We all have our different strengths and will win as long as we stay on Christ team.  So thats what I learned this week.  And trying to be more bold in my teaching.

  How long is Kyles hunt going for?

Hope everyone gets feeling better.

Thanks for everything that everyone does for me!

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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