Saturday, September 13, 2014

IT'S GOIN DOWN!! September 8, 2014

  So this week was crazy!!  All the Zone Leaders meet once a month with the Mission Pres. to discuss things that are going on and what we can do better, then they bring it to their zones in zone meeting.  Well our Zone Meeting was Saturday and things just got a hole lot stricter!!  The First Presidency is cracking down.  Not gonna lie I'm not a fan of some of the rules but I'll follow them.  They will be good, just gonna be hard to change and follow them after having different rules for a year.  

   This week we roofed a house for a recent converts dad.  He kept telling his son how much he respected us for what we are doing, sacraficing 2 yaers and what not.  He said his dad never gives compliments.  We also invited him to the Fiesta that the ward is having on Friday and he accepted to come.  And Gonzalo (the recent convert) said his dad usually never goes to social things, not even family fuctions alot of the time. So it was pretty cool.

  We are still teaching Chad he still hasn't got his answer yet.  He told us on Wednesday that he hasn't really been praying to know lately because he forgets.  So we re-committed him to do that.  We have a lesson with him tonight so hopefully it goes well.

  Yeah I got your package thank you for that!  IT was awesome.  Dang Chaylee, learn how to longboard!  haha. jk  I hope she heals quickly!!  (Chaylee was in a long boarding accident last weekend and ended up with some major road rash on her face, a concussion and the bones in her wrist compacted, that if they don't heal will need surgery!  Prayers - please!)

Thanks for everything!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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