Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 25, 2014- Transfer Calls

 So..... we got our transfer calls, and I'm training a new missionary... freakin stressin right now.  This was a stressful week.  I had to talk in scarament for the first time in my mission.  I got used to talking in investigators homes but not at the pulpit, but I think it went pretty good.  I was asked to base my talk off of Elder Hollands talk from last conference " The cost and blessing of discipleship".  I actually filled all my time and then some.   I didn't think I would.  But thanks to "The Race", that addes 5 minutes for me haha.  We had an awesome lesson with Greg yesterday.  His co-worker that drives him to work everyday is a member and he invited Greg and us over for dinner and a lesson yesterday.  We talked about the Plan of the Salvation he got held off on the Holy Spirit because he felt it so strongly his first time coming to church with us 2 weeks ago.  I think he will get baptized in a few months.
  My favorite ZL is going home today!  I'm pissed right now.  But Elder Wilcox is gonna be in my district again, so I'm pumped about that.  He's gonna be my district leader as well.

    Sounds like everything is going good.  Good to hear the roof got fixed.   Hope everyone likes there jobs and working.  

 Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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