Monday, October 13, 2014

September 29, 2014

Whats up??
  This week was pretty good, even though P-day got pushed back 2 days, but that's because we went to the Temple.  We got to go Preview "Meet the Mormons" last Tuesday.  It was pretty good!  You guys will have to go for family night when it comes out!  Gotta do some sweet service too!  Gotta go Buck some hay!  That felt good haven't done that in forever. 

  This past week we focused on getting Members out to Lessons with us and it worked pretty well.  We had more lessons with members, then with out.  Investigators usually like when members come unless we screw up and bring some weird ones!  We have been trying to talk with eveyone as well to find some more people to teach.  Chad is still coming to church every weeek.  We have a lesson with him tonight so hopefully it goes well!

 October Break is already here??  Why didn't it go this fast when I was in school!  Tara is lying I did to talk at lunch!  She got pissed at Nathan Ruddy for putting red peppers in her hair and never sat by us again. haha.

Well thats about it!

Thanks for the letters! And thanks for all you guys do for me!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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