Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was awesome!  Started of the week trunky because another missionary I live with ended his mission, but ended the week with Chad setting a date for baptism (Nov. 1st).  It's more of a goal just to work towards but he set the date to show his faith and that he wants his answer.  This week was Fast Sunday so I fasted for him.  And every testimony that was bore testified of the things he had questions about it was awesome!  Then Our WML reported he was on date to the Ward Council and to keep it in that room, but of course one of them came and blabbed there mouth to Chad in front of me and Chad just turned around and looked at me and said "really? where did you hear that?"  So I think he was kinda disappointed.  And then the Gospel Principles class was on baptism and he turned around and looked at me and laughed thinking I set it up but I told him it went in order.  We can't meet with him till Thursday,which kinda sucks but hopefully he still wants to keep his date.
  Everything else is going good.  Just trying to talk with everyone and getting more members to come out and work with us!
 I thought Meet The Mormons was pretty good.  I liked the WW2 Pilot and the fighter.
Hope all is going good Love ya'll!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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