Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elder "BUBBA" Nelson

I just need the back pack and some of those thin warm socks its supposed to snow this week.  Also some Airborne.  I bought some today but they only have the small ones at Walmart. Those first toothbrush heads you bought were expensive!  I think thats all I need though.  Well I want a picture of Maddie for halloween like a real picture, not an emailed one.   Yeah my mug to please.

HA thats kinda funny about the lady passing out in the temple and crazy.  (It wasn't funny - sad)   We got transfer calls on Saturday.  My companion is leaving and I'm staying in Coulee Dam.  I'm gonna be the Head Guy In Charge for Coulee Dam, its pretty scary im stressed out haha.   So hopefully I catch on quickly!  We started day light savings Sunday so we are an hour behind you guys now!  Daylight savings is the stupidest thing in the world, I don't like it haha.

So Grandma and Grandpa moved in huh?  How is that going?  Thats good that everyone is pitching in to help though.  

Well I hit my 3 month mark on Halloween.  We didn't get to do anything on Halloween, we just got to go in early at 6 and we did our weekly planning and watched the Testaments.

We had a pretty alright week of work, our most busy day I went on exchanges to Oriville so I didn't get to experience that.  But it was a good day in Orivilee.  Orivile is basically the border of Canada.  We were tracting and this guy said he wasn't interested so we started walking away and we heard a lady yelling and we turned around and the guys neighbor was calling us over to her.  I was thinking this lady is gonna get baptized!  But nope turned out to be the most weirdest freaky experience of my Mission so far.  We were talking with her and explaining who God is and stuff and how he created all things and she picked up a stick and broke it and said, "He didn't create this, I did."  I'm like, "Uh, no you just broke a stick."  And we were talking about the Priesthood and Prophet and Apostles and stuff and how its given by the laying on of hands.  And she put her hands on her head and said, "Can I be a prophet."  I tried so hard not to laugh. I thought I smelled weed on her but I wasn't sure then she took out her pill bottle but it had her weed all pre rolled up in her little blunts and started smoking it.  I'm pretty sure she was drunk too, so we just tried wrapping it up. We went to shake her hand and she tried hugging us and we said we couldn't hug, so she flipped us off haha.  It was an interesting hour and a half.  

That's good that Maddie is the highest functioning in her class.  Tell her to start talking though.  Can you send an updated picture of her and the family before kyle leaves?

You guys have a Boxer now?

Will you send a picture of Alice (Bubba's Horse)  and next time Dad has the Team hooked up to the wagon, a picture of that?   And tell them I want pictures of their hunting adventure please!

Well I've got to go love you.  If dad has time to write next week, I'd like to hear from him.  Tell him he has to write once a month ha. I wrote 7 letters this week, it wore me out ha. I wrote the Karst's, Cauthen, Woolsey, You, G&G Nelson and Kelsee and Kenna.  Will you tell Brother Dickerson and Bishop Dixon that I would love to hear from them and Brother Aubrey?

Well thanks for all you guys do for me.  And yeah I got my debit card all ok.  Thanks for the packages i used all that candy for the Wards Trunk or Treat, and Halloween Trick or Treaters.  Things are going good for me.  Christmas is almost here then I get to call home!  Thanks again for the love and support. I will be on for another hour if you guys can reply back.  Love you all!
Elder Nelson

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