Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder M. Russell Ballard

HOLY SHEEEEEEP! You guys sent enough stuff for my whole district! That's what is happening I'm sharing it with my district tomorrow at district meeting so they get fat and not me, haha.  I'm weird, I was most excited for the ties and hygiene stuff, because that's the most expensive!  Tell Kirk if I come home with cavities, its not my fault!  I floss and brush 3 times a day and listerine total care, that tastes like pooop! 
   Our meeting with M.Russell Ballard was basically the same as your guys's Stake Conference.  But it was better than General Conference because he was there in person, in a church building speaking directly towards us!  And we got to shake his hand it was awesome.  There personalities really come out when they're not in such a formal setting.  Elder Maynes was awesome too.  We took a picture with our whole mission plus Elder Ballard, Elder Maynes and Elder Resimay.  I got to stand right behind Elder Ballard in it, I felt special haha.  After the meeting i was truly excited about my mission.  I mean, I know i came for my self and my heart was in it but I don't think my mind fully was till after the meeting.  He is my Favorite Apostle.
   Thats good that Dad and Kyle are staying busy with work and making money! 
The Temple Trip was good I got a lot more out of it this time since I wasn't as nervous.  The temple trip and Mission Conference were like a vacation, because it's a 3 hour drive and it was a mini road trip.  For the Mission Conference we went down Friday night and stayed at a members house.  She made this breakfast I've never seen before.  They are called baked eggs.  You crack an egg into a cupcake pan, don't break the yoke, and put cream, half and half, I think and some cheese and sausage.  Don't stir any of it and just put it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes, it was pretty good.  You should try it and perfect it for me when I get home.  :) Also look up how to make Macklebee Syrup it's bomb!  From some resaraunt in Utah, a member made it for us and French Toast.
   Well not much to say about this weeek we were just busy with meetings, didn't get to much work done but it was still a good week! Yesterday in Ward Council (its weird being in Ward Council hearing the needs of and all the problems going on) the Bishop talked about what they learned in their training from M. Russell Ballard and he stressed to them about families doing prayer, scriptures and FHE. Also couples prayers because that's what Satan starts to attack and that's what starts to lead us away.  But not my family, cause we are Ballers!  hahaha
Well love you guys have a good week.  If you are sending another package,  I dont need a package, but if you do can you send me one of my backpacks?  Thanks love you guys.
Elder Daniel Nelson

Sister McClendon, Am I as good as you yet?  :-)

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