Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 8

October 7, 2013

Oh I dont know what happened then. Thanks for sending a letter though.

Yeah General conference was pretty good.  Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Dube were my favorite ones.  The first session was the best then they got less interesting to me as they went.  I dont know why, but last month it hit me that we actually get to hear from the Prophet of God and his Apostles.  I never really realized it before, of course I knew they were, but it never realized it.  Idk how to explain it haha.  But I only fell asleep for a couple minutes in the last session.  So thats a first.  I like going to Priesthood session with my brothers and Dad better though than out here. 

Luckies!   You getta go to Utah.  Yeah it's getting cold up here too.  "Barely escapes desert climate" HAHA.   My foot, it dropped from the 90's straight to the 40's and 50's and the other night it was 31 in Wilbur, a little town 20 minutes from Coulee Dam we have like 5 towns in my area.   When you send the package with my backpack, hat and Garmin, can you throw in a beanie and some light gloves?   Thanks:)  I like the 50-60 degree weather but the 40's is when I have to start wearing a sweater.  I guess we should have boughten a church sweater like you wanted to, because everyone has them here and we "have to match".  So I had to go buy 2 today so sorry:/, but i got 2 for $44 instead of one sikk one for $50,  haha I clearnced shopped for you. 

Tell Kyle to come up here, instead of there.   haha, just kidding.   Can I come work on it to and get some extra monies?:)  Oh by the way, dont worry about putting money in my account for a bike.   Who knows if i'll be in a biking area and if I have to buy one I'll put it on my credit card, then you can put money in then.   Good news, I haven't gained weight yet.  I actually have lost.  I weigh the same with all my clothes and stuff that a carry in my pockets as I did in gym shorts at home, so I've lost a few pounds, hopefully its just not muscle loss!

Well ofcourse Maddie is stuborn she's a Nelson!   Which one of us liked school and actually put effort in at school besides Jacque?  And we still got A's and B's, so tell her teachers to leave her alone she will still get good grades.  Has Maddie started saying any new words yet?

Well this week was pretty good for me.   Started getting along with my companion better.   Ricky broke me in.   I've been able to keep my temper in check since I worked with him before I came out here.   We had some of our investigators come out to conference and they all loved it.   Karina couldn't though, she had to drive her daughter to Idaho.  We went over last night though.  She said she was starting to get scared because she is afraid what her husband is gonna say to her when he finds out she has been meeting with us and is thinking about getting baptized.  She recently moved back here from North Dakota.   They moved there for the oil boom and her husband is still there trying to keep his trucking business going so he doesnt know yet.  So pray that he will be accepting to it.

Also we were at a less actives house last night to set up an appointment.  They are on the ward councils focus 5, so we have been trying to get in with them. They finally let us in last week and we had a good visit with them.  They want us focusing on this 15 year old girl that is baptised and getting her back out to church. she accpeted to take the lessons again and to start coming and her mom thats a convert and has been married in the temple but got divorced and went unactive said she would like to sit in on the lessons too.  And there 10 year old daughter came up to us and asked if we could be baptized haha.  So alot of miracles have been happening this week!

Oh yeah im going down to Kennewick twice this month the 22nd for the Temple trip and the 26th for the Apostle thats coming.  I'm thinking its Elder Holland but we dont know who.  I hope it's him so he can yell at us.  I miss being yelled at, I haven't been yelled at for 2 months,  and laugh when someone yells at me.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Ill try to work my hardest out here!
Love you all!

Elder Nelson

P.S. can you send that bass pro coffee mug outta my truck to for the apple cider im about to buy?

P.S. that oatmeal saved my life i was sick of eggs haha

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