Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 5

September 16, 2013

My week was pretty good!  We had our interviews Tuesday.  Those went pretty well.  I love my Mission President.  We also had a special training with the interviews so that was good.  After the interviews we went back to Coulee Dam had 2 good lessons.  I wrote you guys a letter that goes more in depth so I won't write a bunch about it.  We had a lesson with a lady named Shari, we tracked her out a couple weeks ago.  Turns out her daughter is a member has been since she was 18 and still is an active member married with kids in like highschool.  Shari has seen the power of the Priesthood work in her life.  She had lung cancer and had surgery.  It wasn't healing from the surgery so her son in law came and gave her a blessing and she started to heal after that.   idk how long ago that was though.   She has met with missionaries in the past, idk why she hasn't accepted to be baptized yet.  Hopefully we can help her know that she wants the gospel in her life.

Our other lesson was with Martin, he's 21 and married to a 17 year old with a 2 year old daughter we've only met with Martin.  He liked what we shared with him, so we put him on date for Oct. 2!  So we will see if that goes through, we tracted Martin out as well.  We are going back tonight because him and his wife should be there. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I have a talk for you guys listen to,  "Life is a Football Game, by Troy Dunn."  You can't read it, you have to listen to it.  Has dad listened to Glenn Becks conversion story yet?

Well I wrote you guys a letter so I don't wanna write the same stuff twice haha.  So you guys will have to wait for that.
Thanks for all the support and the package, much appreciated!  I have like a whole pantry now.  Since theres gonna be 5 shopping days this month it will be helpful. I need to stop eating out every P-day, I'm running low on cash this month.  But at least I'm not out like my companion, haha, he ran out last week.  I have $30 after shopping today. 

Love you all!

Elder Daniel Nelson

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