Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 3

September 2, 2013
I heard my companion talking to someone and they were asking for me and he kept saying that im right here but he never gave me the phone idk why. (a couple from our ward was over there and their Nephew is in charge of Missionary Housing, so he called and tried to get Bubs for them)  Probably because he's senior companion and reminds me of Ricky, (an employee at work that is kind of High and Mighty) so I hope I'm only with him for 6 weeks.  We get along but he gets on my nerves, I'm about to go insane.  Im in an apartment with just me and him.  And alll out district is an hour or more away.  We came down to Omak today to hang out with another companionship so thats gonna be nice.  The thing that keeps me sane is going on exchanges once a week with other missionaries its good having a change once a week haha.  Um Tristans parents are still getting settled into there house so we havent taught them yet.  But hopefully this week we will be able to get into there house this week.  But Tristan is doing good.  He got up and bore his testimony this sunday so that was pretty cool.  I've been a member all my life and I hardly bore it till my mission ha.  We started teaching this tongan man thats married to a member.  His english isn't to good so it's hard to help him understand.  He keeps requesting a tongan missionary but the closest one is an hour and a half away so we are gonna see what we can do about that.  They are my favorite people cause they remind me of the tongans from Mesa High.  They are gonna make me Otai a Tongan fruit drink and it sounds like the gumbo of fruit drinks.  But everything else is going good.  I like my district and zone.  Tell Letta she can keep threatining me, but she dont scare me after tracting on the Indian Reservation in Coulee Dam.  They have real Indians there, not the fat Navajos that drink beer all day.  They live off deer meat, they have like 7 tags a year for the Indians.  I remembered what I was gonna tell you. You can cancel my phone so you dont have to pay it and youll probably want me off your plan any ways and I will be able to get a new phone for sure when I get home haha.  And can you give me both Grandparents adresses and Jacob Hancocks?  The next package you send if no one is using those work out bands and dads garmin that he doesn't use anymore send those?  My companion won't run so I'm stuck doing sit ups push ups and lunges and its getting old.  Why did Chaylee wanna move out so bad?  ANd me and Jed both have the talent of faking sick:) Well thanks for all you guys do and the support of keeping me out here, love you all.
Elder Bubba Nelson 

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