Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 2

August 28, 2013

Yeah I didn't email Monday cause of this big thunder/wind/ rain storm came in Sunday night.  It took out the power and internet and uprooted a bunch of huge pine trees, one took out a quarter of a house.   And A power pole broke in half from the wind hah it was pretty sikk.  I wrote you guys a letter about the baptism you should be getting it soon so you'll probably here the same stuff twice.  You can forward this one out if you want.   The baptism went really well.   It was cool being a witness at the baptism.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  The talk went alright, but it was better when i just moved to my testimony at the end.  The lady that we had dinner with earlier that night, they were giving me a hard time about being a man of few words.  But after my testimony she came up to me and said she just watched me grow up there.  It meant alot to me because I have alot of respect for that family.   I feel my testimony grow every time I share it but I'm still nervous every time, idk why.   But the work is going good.   We are gonna start teaching Tristan's parents in a couple weeks, we took them on a church tour after the baptism they were pretty interested.   They really liked how we have no paid ministry.   And besides that,  just trying to find people.  We are teaching this other lady that wants to get baptized but is having a hard time with smoking.   Well love you all thanks for the support. 

P.S.  I havent opened my package yet cause I've been on exchanges.  And yes, I'm in a car, a Subaru.   Love and miss you all.

Elder Nelson

P.S.  Why did Letta say she was gonna kill me?  And if you ever see a Carrie Underwood Christmas CD that would be a great Christmas present or ties or money haha.   But did you hear about the new version of the Book Of Mormon thats coming out in October?   The references are gonna have like the New Era and stuff referenced out of it.  So I wanna buy that when I get home.   I don't wanna buy them out here because I don't have the New Era and stuff and they will get trashed.  There was something else I was gonna tell you but I forget what it was, so sorry ha. 

What a FUN surprise to get 2 emails in one day!!  Kyle texted me right after I got your first email this morning and told me he got his and gave me a "haha!"  I told him I got one too but had just gotten out of the Temple and was waiting to get home to send it on!!  Silly boy!  Always trying to one up me!!!

Letta said she was gonna kill you because you talked about her and the dream she had in your talk.  Several people texted her that day giving her a hard time and telling her "Way to go!"  hahaha!!   Uhmmmmm.......I don't think that you can have a Carrie Underwood CD, I doubt she is on the list of songs or artists you are allowed to listen to on your Mission - but I'd be glad to buy it for you and save it for you when you get home!  :-)  Of course we'll send $$ and ties!!  Bradley said he came home with 80 or so, so you need to outdo him!  haha!  :-)  

NO, I haven't heard anything about the new Book Of Mormon that's coming out.  That's crazy, but cool!!  I could always send you copies of the New Era and Ensign when I send you your packages.  Is that something you'd like?  Dad had a large copy of the B of M that he used for studying and took lots of notes in.  That might be a good idea.  It will be something you treasure later.  Dad gave his to his mom.

Well, I'm always here if you remember what it was!!

I love that your Testimony is growing each time you share it.  You have a special Spirit about you, I know others will feel that as you share your testimony.  I LOVE YOU and am SO grateful to be your Mother!!!

All My Love,

Yeah I can have her Christmas songs cause all of them are the same as we sing during Christmas.  They say I can listen to country if its talking about God or Jesus Christ and doesn't swear.  The music rules are relaxed.  We have Nashville tributes to missionaries and pioneers that have country tune to them.  They just say to listen to the more relaxed ones on pday is all.  Um maybe the big BoM would be good and New Era and stuff and the Friend I like that better ha. But I gotta go I used my hour and a half today on the computer.  But yeah Brother Barry is funny, he's a cool guy.  K, love you talk to you guys monday!

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