Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elder Nelson

MIss me?  haha sorry this week we had p-day Tuesday for Temple p-day. and it takes 3.5 hours to get there so we didn't get back till 6:30 and library closes at 7 so that's why i'm writing today. ''Well yeah I'm good about communicating, I only get to do it once a week and get to read letters throughout the week when they come so I try to write as much as I can. Yeah, I finally got Grandmas letter last week, and I wrote her back last night and sent it off this morning.  Yeah if you can put money in my account that would be awesome. Does it go to my mission card or my other card, because my other card doesn't work, they are supposed to be sending one to the house.
   That's so for away, March 4th. So that's what your gonna ask Dad for, for your birthday present, to take you?
  1, apostle is coming M. Russell Ballard, 1, 70 is coming Elder Maynes, and our area 70 is coming whoever that is.
  Lucky kyle!  Getting out in a month gonna be a Heli pilot!
Yeah Chase said he was gonna be back this month.  He's already on the hunt for girls?  haha
 Well its true about hunting season!  Everyone here makes it hard not to think about.  Always inviting me and keep asking me to go and I can't.  I got offered to do the chains and a football game to and couldn't do that.  I get offered all these cool things and I can't do them haha.
   Tell Jed Dad doesn't mess around either.   He grounded me for 3 months and forgot that he grounded me for grades!  Yeah he is smarter than he puts off, boys think chicks dig that in junior high, Chase did the same thing haha.
  Well nothing to exciting has been happening, except the 7 hours of tracting we did last week.  And only had one guy willing to meet with us.  He invited us right in.  He moved here like 2 months ago from Texas and met with the missionaries a couple times down there. He said he agreed with everything we said that day.  So hopefully it goes well.  We are supposed to go back Thursday.  So hopefully this week is more eventful.  We have some appointments scheduled this week, so hopefully they go through so we don't have to tract as much.
Well thanks for all you guys do for me and the love and support.  I thought my package got stolen I was mad, because we live on the Reservation, so it was a high possibility that it got stolen ha.  Well love you all.
Love elder Nelson!
P.s. Can you send me The Karst, Woolsey's, Cauthen, and Jacobs addresses please?  Oh and sister Mcclendon asked if you would add her to the list for my emails

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