Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 4

September 9, 2013

If some things don't make sense, I'm sorry.  I pass along his letters that are in response to mine.  So sometimes he's answering my questions.  :-)

      Alright thank you.  I still havent bought a jacket yet.  Maybe I should though because it's getting into the 50's at night now.  Sorry this is already your 4th package.   I'll try to hold off for a while.  I'm learning how to make my money go farther now.  We just don't shop in Coulee Dam, cause everything is so expensive!  I'm a clean freak now.  Dishes in the sink bug me and unmade bed bugs me haha.  
My singing, I think I'm sounding worse.  I sing the songs just not loud.  

      So how much did Dad make on Chris's Bunker?  

     It was Stake Conference this week.  It was a broadcast from Salt Lake,  Elder Nash and L. Tom Perry spoke also a Relief Society President.  I know another apostle spoke I forgot who it was.  I only remember them talking about the priesthood, and how are families need to be self reliant.  So we need a garden at the ranch and at home.  Everyone has a garden here and apple and peach trees.  Tell Dad if he wants to be a farmer this is where to be.  Theres miles and miles of wheat farms surrounding me.  That counsler in my ward, that I said that looks like the old man from Secondhand Lions, we went to his farm.   His house is made from an old grain house like the wooden ones before they had silos. 

   Tell Jed he needs to find 2 good guy friends before he hangs out with girls so he can have some wingmen.  So Ellie's liking school?  And has Maddie started talking yet?  That stupid device better get her talking before I call for Christmas.   Now they are going to Bisbee after I leave!!  I even asked to go!  haha!  Tell Dad to listen to Glenn Becks conversion story, it hilarious!

    The bishop and his wife has been feeding us quite a bit I was craving steak and we went over and thats what they were having.  It was different but good.  His wife cooked it she grilled it but sauteed it in this rasberry stuff it was actually good.   She sad she wasn't sure about it when some one cooked it for her, but she really liked it.  The bishop said if I need a break from Missionary life I can come over and play video games for a little bit haha.   Joking of course, so don't freak out.

   This week has been good.  But it was slower cause we have had a few meetings that have taken up our days.  And cancled appointments because of school starting and stuff.  Yeah, I read my Patriarchal Blessing every week ,if not more.  Thanks for all the support and prayers you guys do.  And I need to approve those parenting books before you start practicing them haha. jk. love you all.
Elder Nelson
P.S. I didn't get Jed's letter.

When people write letter have them address it 
Elder Daniel Nelson
Because theres 2 Elder Nelson's 
Thank you:)

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