Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 6

September 23, 2013

Yeah my week was alright.  Mission work is like a roller coaster, always going up and down.  So we have been tracting quite a bit to try to find new people.  Not my favorite thing but its, whatever, I know I need to do it.  Thanks for the package and the jacket I like it.  I didn't by us lunch with that money, cause I needed more quarters for laundry.   Some weeks it's 6 bucks and some it's 3.   It pisses me off when they jack the prices.  But those laundry pods will help once I run outta my laundry soap I bought.  But I did by my companion a Dr. Pepper with that money and paid fast offerings and tithing so at least I used it for that, ha.  I have enough food, I didn't have to go shopping today.  I ordered this 3in1 jacket from missionary mall, it's kinda big but it'll work. 

Hahaha, thats funny Maddie got stuck in the fence! They should of got a picture of her! I wish i could see that!  (I got a phone call from Maddie's teacher and the nurse explaining why Maddie had some red marks on her back.  Maddie's teacher told me that Maddie tried to escape under the school fence, about scared her to death and she was afraid they were going to have to call the Fire Department to get her out!  She's an escape artist - that one!!)

Jeds in choir?  Since when?   I actually sang this  Sunday.  It was the Primary Program this sunday.   After seeing 2 of the kids go up there, let me tell you, your kids are normal!!! I decided this is the Ward we are going to,  when we come back to visit when I get back so you guys can go through it too.  Theres a lot of good people in the ward and I love the ward.   But there are some weirdies!! 

Why is everyone getting sick?  I was sick for the last week in the MTC and the 1st week out here.   (I sent him with Airborne but he wouldn't take it cuz it gross! He started taking it after the fact!)  

Is dad still working up north or for Dan Garret?  The Brown's called me by my first name "Bubba" this Sunday, I loved it!!  I haven't heard it in forever!!!

The mission is going good,  I started getting a little home sick after 2 months, so I'm working through that, ha.   Transfers are Wednesday, we got the calls Saturday.  I'm staying in Coulee Dam with my same companion.  So nothing is changing for me.  But they made a new zone and 28 new missionaries coming Wednesday.  They still aren't on my level, like 35 came out when I came.

Yeah, if you can send my hat and a backpack and Dads Garmin if no one uses it.  Theres a good chance I'll be training during my third transfer, so in 6 weeks.   So I'll need a GPS.  You don't need to send another package for a month and it'll get here in time.

Thanks for all you guys do.  And the prayers and support.  And for yours and dads hard work in keeping me out her financially.  Love you all.

Elder Daniel Nelson

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