Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Letters From Home"

October 4, 2013

So, as if I was feeling bad enough that Bubba didn't get my email last week.  I sent one, I really did.  The week after he told me he was having homesickness, I know he needed it.  Anyway......Today I got a hand written letter from him in the mail.  Since I'm not so good at technical stuff I'll just going to type his letter to pass it along.  He says in his letter he expects letters from everyone - not just me!!!  Here we go:

"Letters From Home: Montgomery Gentry - I sing it all the time, you should send the lyrics with your letter back.  It's becoming foggy to me.  :-)  Thanks Love you.
    (This was on the top of his letter and then he begins)


Hey Family!!!

The family that didn't email me or write me this week.  HaHa.

Well this week was a pretty good week.  Had some good lessons with our investigators.  We met with this lady named Karina twice this week.  The second time we committed her to baptism and she accepted.  Haven't set  a date yet, hopefully gonna do that tomorrow.  But we had her say the prayer after our lesson last night and she started crying during it.  It was pretty awesome.  The spirit is always strong there.  I always look forward to going over there.  She is my favorite investigator so far.

This letter is probably gonna repeat a lot of my email, but that's what you guys get for not emailing me.  Plus this cures my home sickness.  So I expect a letter back from all of you.  PLEASE!  :-)  Yes, including DAD, KYLE, JACQUE CHAYLEE, T, JED AND ELLIE - NOT JUST MOM YOU GUYS!!!

I ordered my jacket, I ordered an X-large like I always do, but it's a 3 in 1, so you can take the outer shell off to just have a rain jacket.  But that part goes down to my knees and makes me look like I weigh 300 lbs instead ob 200 lbs.  Oh well, I only have to wear it for 2 years.  The under part of the coat fits alright though.

Like I said in my email, one of the Twelve Apostles is coming October 26th!  The whole Mission is meeting in Kennewick at the Stake Center and he is gonna speak to us.  We don't know which one yet unfortunately.  But I'm excited about it.  Like my Patriarchal Blessing says in the paragraph about my mission that, "I'll be taught b y many of the prominent leaders of the church." Well here is gonna be one of the many.

FYI, Thanks for that Sleep spray, it works!!  I was waking up like 4 times a night, now usually only one!  

I'm sorry I didn't save money to pay for my Mission.  I  know it's expensive, so I'm gonna try to live off my $135.00 a month so you guys don't have to  send packages and money, cause the mission is expensive as it is!

Well thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  Also, the love and support.  Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me stay out here.  Love you all!

Elder Daniel Nelson

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