Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 1

August 19, 2013
Letter in mail today:

Dear Family,
Made it to Washington.  It's hot here!  A lot of Farm fields when I was flying in.  I'm excited to start exploring around here.  I'm nervous about teaching people.  It's not just roll plays anymore.  The Mission President seems like a cool guy.  all his helpers seem good also.  I don't know what to expect but I could tell it's gonna be a good experience.  I already learned a ton.  Well love all you.

Elder Nelson

Email today:

Happy birthday Ellie! 

I didn't sound chipper because I was sick and their traveling agenda to the airport was retarded!   

I miss the ranch!  

My first area is Coulee Dam.  Serving the Coulee Dam Ward!  They are all old!!  They have 0 Priests,  2 Teachers and 1 Deacon.  But most of the old people are cool.  Some of them might be inbred but idk.  I met a couple that stay in Mesa for the winter and they go to Desert Vista Ward, so I talked to them about the McCowns and people in the ward.  I walked into a baptism.  My companion and his old companion did it though, well kinda.  The kid, Tristin walked into church the Sunday before I got here.  And he wanted to take the missionary discussions and be baptised.  So they taught him once.  Then me and Elder Thibideau (teebidoh) have been teaching him, so I'm counting him as one of my baptisms haha.  This $145 a month thing sucks!  Sandwiches are getting old.   So feel free to send snacks like poptarts and trail mix and more chips and queso:)  I know im needy but i didn't know what to expect out here.  I also need my one of my backpacks and the quarters outta my truck cause I need them for laundry, and my grey jackett with the white zipper idk if its at the ranch or what.   And I need money for coats.  I haven't had to buy a bike yet so i guess I can use that money, but idk when I'll need to buy a bike.  

 But the field is going good.   But i do miss my ipad and all the stuff you said I was lucky not having haha.  Thanks for all the supoort you guys have given me.  Love you guys.

Elder Nelson

P.S.  I forgot to tell you that the baptism is this Saturday,  and that the Coulee Dam is the biggest dam in the states.  k love you bye.

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