Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 19

Good to hear that Grandpas funeral went well and that he had a good last couple of days.  Sounds like everybody pitched in to help and are still helping.   Have you guys started building the cabin yet?  (haha - in our dreams!) Tell Dad to put a wood stove in there I love chopping wood I did it for a couple hours the other day everyone burns wood in the winter up here.  How is everyone doing?  You guys still have work going on?   Sister Brown said that you messaged her about Grandpa and she gave her condolences to me on Sunday.  I cried for the first time on my mission 2 Saturdays ago, haha.  I was praying to have a confirmation about the Book of Mormon. I always knew it was true just from reading it but I never prayed about it and our Mission President invited us to do so, so I did. And we were at a members home and she played her accordion for us and she played Praise to the Man.  When she was playing that, the spirit was so strong. I knew it was true!   Then we bore are testimonies at the end and I started crying.  That was embarassing - ha.  I didnt write yesterday because we had a meeting in Wenatchee with Elder Richards a member of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy. He talked about having faith in what we are doing.  And not to just teach the same lesson the same way to every investigator.  He said that's why President Hinkley got rid of the memorized discussions and also to teach very simply.  He basically rebuked us.  He built us up for 2 hours then rebuked us for 2 hours - ha.  The average for baptisms in the Northwest is 1 out of 17 baptized, but in our mission it's 1 out of 41 that are baptized.  So he told us we need to teach more simply and to help them understand better.  Told us to stop using analagies because the remember the story not the principle we teach.  So it was a good meeting.  2 sundays ago Karina came to church I was surprised but we haven't been able to catch her since.  This week Analisa came, so that was big for her.  She does the nursery at the Nazerene church so she had to schedule it 2 weeks in advance she seemed to enoy it.     Well I hope I didn't make Sister Karst cry to much. Is Dad and Jed still there home teachers?  How is everything else going at home?      If you haven't sent me a package yet, will you put a copy of the picture that I have in my room of Kyle, Jed and I on the fence?    Try the strawberry airborne.  It's way better than the Lemon-Lime.  I was drinking it, but it's too expensive!  Tell Chaylee to write me.  I havent' heard from her once!  Did Jed write me a letter?  He said he would!Thanks for all the love and support!     Love, Elder Nelson"BUBBA" P.S.  Umm...there are some members that do a Thanksgiving dinner at the church.  Some members invited us to there home and Tristans parents told us we could go to their house too.  So we'll have Thanksgiving at one of those 3 - ha.

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