Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April 28, 2014

 "Retain HIS Name"
        This week was a pretty good week!  To start it off after P-day we went to Texas Roadhouse with 2 other companionship's and someone ended up paying for it.  Our waitress came up and said today is your lucky day, someone paid for your meal!  And then on Thursday 2 of our investigators accepted the invitation for baptism and now are on date.  One of them is Angel we asked him to pray about a date our last time that we were over there.  And when we went back on Thursday he said he prayed and felt he was ready.  And we said we been praying to and we feel you can be ready by May 24th. Then he said I was actually thinking May 10th and we were totally fine with that!  It was a Miracle, we've been teaching him for 5 months.  Then Karen, we had a lesson with her on Thursday as well, and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted.  She is on date for May 31st.  There were so many miracles this week!

  I will keep an eye out for Elder Irvine when does he come out?  My comp. is spanish speaking so I'll probably see him.

Thank you for sending the watch.  When did you send it?  How is Chaylee settling in?  When does she start school?

I just finished Mosiah. We are doing the 80 day Book of Mormon Challenge Mosiah and Alma are my favorites well the end of Alma when all the wars are going on:)  Well I guess all of it is good it always has good stuff to say.

 So how was everyones week?  We are gonna be pretty busy this week getting ready for these baptisms!  I'm sure time is gonna fly this week.  But also the week before peoples baptisms are always rough!  They always go through struggles that week so we have to like babysit them.  But it's all good I know how that goes.  The month I had to wait to put my papers in was a rough month!

Well thanks for all you do!  And for all the love and support!

Elder Bubba Nelson 

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