Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 3, 2014

We had Specialized training on Tuesday and the training was on how to implement the Book of Mormon more in our lessons, so that has been our focus alot this week as well as talking with everyone!  It has helped our lessons alot knowing what we want to share out of the B.of.M before we go in to the lesson.  People get more out of it and the Spirit is there more.  "If you want the Holy Spirit in your lessons 100% use the Book of Mormon, if you only want it partially there use a mormon message.  The Book of Mormon tells 100% percent truth to what the Spirit can testify"- President Ware.   Pretty bold statement haha, but its true. He has also been pushing us how to apply the Doctrine of Christ more in our life which is FAITH, REPENTANCE, BAPTISM, THE HOLY GHOST, and ENDURING TO THE END.  I never got what they ment by applying it to our work.  But I finally got it and it has changed my mission around these last couple of weeks!
Halloween was pretty good. Had to be in by 6 and then we just passed out candy.  Daylight savings started.  This crap is stupid, I hate it.   haha there is no point to it 1000 reason why AZ is #1.

>   Sasha is still doing good! She made her Baptism facebook official so it serious haha.  Chad is doing good too. He is praying about a new date for baptism where he thinks that he will be ready!  

>   Thanks for everything you guys do for me!

> Love,
> Elder Bubba Nelson

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