Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 17, 2014- 5th Transfer here in Herm Town

Welp...I'm stayin another one!   Me and my comp are staying together for a 3rd transfer.  Greenie bustin' my greenie!   Also, I got called to be a District Leader kinda scared about that!

  Sasha did get baptized on Saturday it was awesome!  She got a picture of the San Diego temple for a present, that's the temple they want to get sealed in.  We have an appointment with her tonight I'm excited. She got confirmed on Sunday and we got to stand in.  Chad came to her baptism, so I think that helped him not be so scared about baptism.

  Our bishop got a call from Salt Sake the guy that called, said his brother was dying and he lives in Hermiston.   So he asked us to go to give him a blessing.  I'm always nervous doing that.  That's my second one on my mission!

  We had Zone Meeting on Tuesday, that was pretty good.  It was on the D.o.C ofcourse but I always learn new things!  What stuck out to me this time is that I need to have more faith in the work and believe that miracles can happen in this area.  And also about repentance.  That it's just not going to your Bishop or Mission Pres., but really just turning to the Savior and goin' towards Him and walking with Him.

   Our whole zone is turning around, everyone is being more obedient and adopting this new mission culture, even though it was hard.  I was one of the last to accept it, but the whole zone has now and things are starting to happen in the zone pretty cool to see.

  Thanks for all you guys do for me! Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

Sasha's Baptism

Sasha's Baptism

It's Here!

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