Tuesday, December 16, 2014

November 25, 2014- Elder Arnold #humbled

 So I'm emailing today because our P-day got switched because Elder Arnold of the 70 came and spoke to us yesterday.  He did 3 zone conferences before us and the word on the street was he was gonna throw down on us.  He did a leadership meeting with all the leaders before all the zones and in there I was expecting some hard core rebuking because thats how we heard it was in other ones.

But, when he got in there he had a question "Whos not gonna get embarrased today?"  He wouldn't move on till we raised our hand.  Then he said "Good we aren't here to chastize or rebuke we are here simply to Love, Encourage, and teach because thats how the Lord works he loves and teaches never puts us down.  Through out the meeting he told us how the feeling was different in this one then all thee others.  He told us we were blessed to be the last ones so they new how to address it and helped us understand it better.

  He mainly focused on how we need to remember how we have been taught to teach, we have gotten outtta the routine of really using the B of M.   He told that he was with Elder Bednar for 3 days and he really learned how to teach from him.  He said they were teaching some people together and E. Arnold read a scripture and about to explain what it ment and he felt E. Bednar sit up in his seat and E. Arnolds hair stood up on the back of his neck so he didn't explain it.  Later that night E. Bednar told E. Arnold that if he would have explained it he wouldn't have let the Spirit teach them.   So he told us  "You'll never explain what a scripture means again!  You will let the Holy Ghost be the teacher!"

  Also talked about finding by the spirit as much as we teach by the spirit.  He kept saying you get up under those rocks walk into the stream and pull the people outta there!
  I hope to be able to teach with as much power and conviction as he does.  It was awesome to hear his Testimony.  He started off.... "This I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives!" that was the strongest part of the meeting.  I know that as well and hope all you do as well.

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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