Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 8, 2014- Christmas season=steroids for the Work

December has been awesome! They made new pass along cards for us this month the #HeIsTheGift like the ones that came in this months ensigns. They are expecting big things to come about it. People are alot more open to it and us sharing a Christmas message. So we get to share Christs message with alot more people!
   HIGHLIGHT of the week. Chad Morris is getting Baptized on December 27th! Im so excited for him! He has been ready for so long, but is now moving forward and being baptized. He is super excited, he loves the atonement, Best of all he has recognized it in his life and how much  he has changed.
    Went to the Temple on Wednesday that was great as always! One of the best Temple trips ive had. Starting to understand it alot more and able to focus on the spiritual feelings.
  We have our Christmas devotional tomorrow. We dont gettta watch a movie this year, they are really focusing on keeping us on purpose and focusing on Christ. Each zone is doing a musical number. We are doing 2 our mission president wants us to sing "We'll Bring The World His Truth" because we are the only all Elder Zone. We sang it for him at a Zone Conference put him into tears;) We changed some of the words in it. Like "We are NOW the Lords missionaries". And "Daily we'll learn BECAUSE we are called" it sounds pretty sikk!
  I love Christmas season.
WElp love you all! Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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