Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 2, 2015- Sister Mission Completed!!

  Finished my Sister Mission on Saturday. So I guess the last 6 months is what makes me a man?? haha jk.

  This week was pretty good! The Barkers are doing awesome. We had to push there baptism back to the 28th because Brother Barker had to go to the hospital Saturday so they didnt make it to church. But they are still moving right along. They have given up all the Word of Wisdom issues and are going strong with that!
   Superbowl Sunday we couldnt really do anything again since the Seahawks were in it again. But, they lost so hopefully that humbled them!! The fans are ridiculous. They have this seahawk flag that like the american flag just blue and green instead of red, white, and blue with the seahawk on the stars. Pisses me right off! I wanna burn all of em'.
  Anywho things are going great. Weather is awesome not to cold. It started snowing today so we will see if it sticks.
  Hope all is well! Hope you guys get ready for the wedding in time suckers! I dont gotta help:P
Take Care!!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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