Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oceanfront Property in Arizona

April 7, 2014

So first off!  Why didn't anyone tell me that George Strait handed down the crown to Luke Bryan??  I know I'm not supposed to be of the world right now, but that is something important enough for me to know haha.  Conference was sikk huh?  Elder Holland droppin bombs telling it how it is!  I have come to love that man!   He use to scare me haha.  The Saturday morning was the best session and the priesthood session. 

Chaylee isn't getting transfered to a Hollister in Utah?  What has she been  up to?  So are you happy to get rid of her?  Ha jk your running out of your girls! 

I got that picture from Jacque, I have gotten so fat since she left on her mission ha.  But it's coming back off.  Slowly but surely.

Maddie always has the time of her life up at the Ranch, she gets to do whatever the heck she wants!  

 I will keep my fingers crossed for your job interview. 

This week was a good week.  We had dinner with a part member family that we have been kinda teaching.  It's mainly been just answering the husbands questions, who is the non member.  But he told us that he has actually been reading the Book of Mormon, even though he's been telling us that he hasn't been.  And that he is seriously considering Baptism.  He didn't want to tell us because he didn't want to be pushed and wanted it to be his own choice.  Remind you of someone??  (YES!!  This is how Bubba was about his Mission!  He wasn't going to go for anyone but himself.  When he felt the need and desire to go he'd go! - Which is how it should be.  What a great Missionary he is!)  But he now knows that he needs to be baptized, for himself and he doesn't care what his parents think.  He started thinking about it when he found out about baby blessings and father blessings and he wants to be the one to bless his kids.

We also got a Refferal last night.  A lady who just moved into our Ward she was taught a little before she moved and contacted the Bishop and said she wanted us to start teaching her.  The RS President and other Ward members helped her move in yesterday.  She kept telling them how excited she is to meet us and to keep learning.  She kept telling them to tell us and to  make sure that we call her.  She gave us some Applebee's gift cards and some Subway gift cards, so I like her already -  haha! :)

 Then it was Conference week, so it was already ment to be a good week and the Temple Wednesday, so it was an awesome week.  I like Conference a whole lot more out here.  Probably because I pay attention and take notes out here.  But the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders are so filled with the Spirit and know what each of us need to hear.  I got the most out of this Conference than ever before! 

Thanks for all you guys do for me! 

Elder Bubba Nelson 

P.S. - He sent some pictures.  I've been having computer issues so I'll try to send them on!  Thanks for you love, prayers and support!

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