Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

I hate the freakin IRS why do I have to pay I only worked a half a freakin year??  That's really a kick straight to the bum! (Had to change that word!) haha. (Haha!  He thought that he was going to get a big refund!)

Well this week was a good one!   We got a referral, who is now a New Investigator, who is wanting to be baptized.  Her name is Karen Sheckard.  She has alot of LDS family.  Her Brother converted when he married an LDS girl and so did her son.  Her parents converted 2 years ago and were sealed a year ago.  Her dad passed away though about 4 weeks ago, so she got to dress him for burial.  So that's pretty cool!  What investigator is ever gonna be able to do that?  We met her Thursday and  have another appointment scheduled Thursday.  She has a nephew on a mission she told him before he left but then on Thursday she said she is gonna email him and ask if its alright if she gets baptized before he gets home so it pretty exciting!

Elvis is still doing good!  His family still isn't letting him be baptized or come to church though.  So he is still doing what he can.  We were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Saturday and we had an OYM challenge (OYM means open your mouth basically talk to someone you haven't met about the gospel, like tracting or street contacting)  Ofcourse me and the zone leader that was with me won!  :) 

So what project were they doing up at Luna?  Why are you yelling at me about not telling you about Pres. Greer getting into the 70 you guys should have been watching it! :)  But yeah I forgot to tell you about that.  No he hasn't emailed me yet, you told me he was going to like 2 months ago too.  So idk why he hasn't yet.

Was Rio 2 good?  So thats her new movie huh?  Did Kyle take her out to the lake or did they just sit in the boat?  (Maddie found her life jacket this morning and decided she was going on the boat and going fishing.  She kept signing it to us.  So of course Kyle told her they were going to the Lake to go fishing.  Needless to say she went to school with her swim suit on under her clothes but not before she had put her life jacket on over the clothes and her swim coverup on over that.  I had to send the bus on to school without her because she wasn't getting on until she had at least sat in the boat!  Silly, stubborn child of mine! Love her!)  How did your interviews go? (No luck - still looking for a job!)
Um send the package to the Mission because transfers are next week.  I thought his watch was in the safe I think in a shoe box.  Did you find my watch to send to me though?  And did you get P90x in there?

 Thank you for all you do! 
Elder Bubba Nelson

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