Thursday, June 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

3rd Day in a Row:) - (Bubba called Saturday for a few minutes to set up the Call on Sunday!  Happy Day!!  Then called Sunday night and emailing today!  I'm so glad we live in a day of modern day technology that makes it all possible!)

  It was good talkin with you guys yesterday!  (It sure was!)  I wish i could skype atleast once a month ha its so much better than email.  What was the thing that everyone was quoting about asking any question?  (Uhmm....Not sure what he's talking about.)
 Seems like everyone is doing better and happier... 
I don't have to much to say we talked about everything yesterday haha.  But Angels Baptism was good!  He got confirmed Sunday. He couldn't stop smiling yesterday!  Can't wait till they get sealed.  I hope I can go to that!

Thanks for all you guys do for me!  And for all the Love and Support!  Keep Truckin' as a family!!!!!!!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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