Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 15, 2015-Dying in Cle Elum

Stayin in Cle Elum for my last transfer, I guess tracting it out 4 times wasnt enough so I gotta do it a 5th time! Keepin Elder Potts around as well. I it was a hate love thing to stay I feel like I have been here forever but I guess there is more work here. And one of the members has a sooped up Semi truck that hes gonna drive me to the mission home in. They are trying to get me to come meet there daughter after I get home because they dont have a son in law that wants to take over the company yet haha. They were really pushin that on me at dinner last night.
  This week went pretty well. We found a potential investigator who is 11 years old and from England cutest girl. She comes running up to us begging us to preach to her. She is very spiritually mature and knows her bible really well. She needs to get permission from her dad before we can start really teaching her. She was there with her aunt who is one of our investigators but the girl Maddie seems way more interested so hopefully her dad gives her permission. 
  We went on a hike this morning before one of the Elders in the district went home. He was trunkin me out the whole time. "Hey Elder Nelson whats your favorite thing to do? Picture me doin that in 48 hours!" But it was a fun hike though. Everything else is goin well. Thanks again for the shoes they are awesome and swag nasty! You really didnt have to get that expensive of ones though but I do love them:)
Thanks everyone and love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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