Saturday, July 4, 2015

June 29, 2015- Skunked

Still haven't found any new people to teach yet, but we did finally get in with a lady that we haven't seen in a couple 3 months, the Grandma of Whisper, the little girl that was baptized a few months back. The Grandma has been having heart problems lately she has had 2 small heart attacks the past couple of weeks but the doctors finally got her on the right medication so hopefully that all works out.   Hope she starts coming to church she didn't come this week so hopefully next week.  We were also able to do a church tour with a part member family but the dad who is the member had to work, but they seemed to enjoy it.  When we were out knocking doors on Saturday it was like 105 and pretty humid, it wouldn't be bad if it wasn't muggy, but everyone was like "it's to hot to be doin this" and to a couple of them I said " well let us in then!" But only one did haha and another one gave us water.  We went on a hike today with our Branch Mission Leader and his family back to a lake and they were all swimming and I was so tempted to jump in but I guess I will have to come back to do so.  It was a really fun hike and gorgeous I will send some pictures.   Love you all!   Have a great week!

Bubba with the Peterson Family

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  1. Yeah youuuu Nelly! Finish strong broskie!