Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 20, 2015- I Ran Out of Titles

 Another good week, found another lady to teach named Beth.  We found her while we were tracting a street called Gobblers Knob (Weirdest street name!)  We set a return appointment for Tuesday so we went back and she was actually there thats a rare occasion ha.  But we had a good lesson with her about the Restoration.  Her son is a member over in Seattle area.  She says they get in arguments because she feels she has some spiritual gifts and he says she can't have those kind that shes talking about because she doesn't have the gift of the Holy Ghost.  So we told her that her son was an idiot (ha not really) Just said that she can very well have those gifts; some people are more sensitive to spiritual things than others, so she liked that.  She also liked the story of Joseph Smith.   She feels like her experience has been similar.  We have another appointment with her tomorrow so hopefully it all goes well.
    Also had an exchange, one of our Zone Leaders came with us, Elder Barnes is his name.  We got this refferal from Scotty's care taker (Scotty is the ladie we found a few weeks ago and kicked her ex in the *@%#)  But we went and contacted the refferal and when we walked in there I could tell it was just gonna be a Bible bashing meeting.   He opened his Bible and started flipping/slamming pages down.  So we went on with his little rant and turned to the verses he was talking about and shared our own, to shut those down.  (which isn't the best idea)  Bible bashing gets nothing down.  So we said thank you for sharing what you believe.  May we just share with you a short 2 minutes of what we believe?   We shared the restoration in 2 mintues and testified, then got out of there.  The whole atmosphere changed when we did that.  The Holy Spirit was finally present when we did that; instead of arguing and laughing at his arguments (because they were ridiculous)  ha.
  Other than that nothing real exciting happened.
I don't know if I will be able to email next week.  So thank you everyone for your love and support and your emails!  Can't wait to see you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson!

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