Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015- Last email!!

Well just wanted to send out one last short email thanking all of you!  Thank you for the love, Support, and Continuous emails.  I have loved serving the Lord out here and have learned so much.  I can't say the corny phrase that,  "It's been the best 2 years", but I can say, "it's been the most important 2 years of my life, so far".  I know that Christ does live and the Atonement of Christ is real and infinite.  I have loved learning about and experiencing the Atonement.  I also know that the Power of Prayer is real and that God hears all of them!  The Priesthood has been restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that authority has been passed down to our Prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God and works together with the Bible. I would invite everyone, no matter how many times they have read it or prayed about it, to read the Book of Mormon with an open heart wanting to know that it's true.  Ask your Heavenly Father to reveal the truth of it to you, and you will come to know these same truths.

  Thank you all again!

    The Church is true, The Book is blue, and Moroni is still on the ball ;)

Love Elder Bubba Nelson

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