Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9

Yeah I got your package thank you!   I don't know if ill be here for Christmas so you might just wanna send it through the Mission Office.  We get Transfer Calls this saturday. I wanna leave but i also wanna stay. There are some members here that I don't wanna leave but I also kinda want a different area.  Haha no offense to this one horse town! 

 Lucky you got to hear Alanah's sister sing!  I hear she is pretty good and she is singing for the Gilbert temple thing.
  How is Jed doing in Wrestling this year?  Yes, please send me his matches!

 You didn't take pictures at the Christmas party of Maddie?  I wanna see how big she is.  That's funny that she boss's the kids in her class around haha.   So her and JJ get along pretty well then?

 Yeah we were supposed to be able to watch the Christmas Devotional, but they didn't set it up in the church because only 1 family was gonna watch it there.  Only 70 people come to church averagely and there is only 21% activity in this ward, haha its nuts!

 This week was pretty good.  I went on exchanges Tuesday.  My comp and the other Elder that came here went and taught one of our new investigators Cathene. They taught her the plan of Salvation and at the end she said it just makes since so they invited her to be baptized and she said she was already baptized in her church so why does she need to be again.  And they answered her question and she understood. When they were about to reinvite her to be baptized her son, that is like 45 that lives with them, walked in and the whole atmosphere changed so they decided to hold  off.  I guess her son thinks he has been saved after a fall he had in the bathroom and he told his mom she was going to hell because she is a woman, hahaha.  So I think that's why she liked the plan of salvation.  I never met her son but my comp did and says he's kind of off a bit and has no job and doing nothing with his life.

 Well I hope all is going well at home.  Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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