Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

December 23,2013
Hey family and friends!!
Thank you for you packages and presents!  Christmas/thank you cards are coming your way!:)   I got transferred to Kennewick, I'm serving in the Kennewick Park Ward.  
The Sisters got doubled out and me and my new companion, Elder Chadwick, got doubled in.  So we have no idea what's going on in this area, really we are just winging it and saying a lot of prayers!  We have been trying to contact all the investigators.  We had our first meeting with our Ward Mission Leader.  He was impressed with all that we have done, especially since we are on foot.  This area use to have a car but it left with the sisters, of course!   It's ok, I like walking, keeps me in shape! 
 Sounds like everyone has been pretty busy and having fun right before Christmas, but none of it sounds as fun as when I get to Skype, haha.
  Christmas season is pretty awesome on the Mission!  I get to focus on the true meaning of Christmas alot more! 
  We had to teach the Relief Society yesterday (freakin weirdest thing ive ever done!)  But it was pretty cool.  Our lesson we were assigned was Elder Packard's, talk The Atonement, from last years General Conference.  It was an awesome talk, I suggest reading or listening to it!  I started reading the book Believing Christ, on Thursday as well and that tied in with the lesson perfectly!  I learned alot from that lesson. Like that Christ's infinite perfection cancels out out finite imperfection, as long as we accept him and believe him, not just believe in him!
     Did you guys get my package?  Did you like my magnet that was in there? :)  haha
 Well thanks for all you guys do and the love and support you give me!  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!:)  Love you all!
Elder BUBBA Nelson

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