Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2013

It was good to see all you guys as well!  I just wanna Skype again now though, ha.  (Me either!  Can't wait for Mother's Day!)  Well hopefully that card with my testimony was a good enough Christmas present then!  (It was!)

(Here is his Testimony - on the Atonement..."I know through the Atonement we can return to our Father in Heaven.  If we accept Christ & believe Him not just believe IN Him. He will make us perfect through Himself.  His infinite perfection makes up for our finite sins.")  LOVE IT!!!

They are having the Open House for the Temple for 2 months right? Did you guys go for family night last night?  (Open House is Jan 18th-Feb 15th)  Yes, its been an awesome experience to be a part of building the Gilbert Temple in some way!  I was just thinking of that rock that I put in the foundation yesterday actually.  My comp. asked me how I got on my mission and I told him the story.  (When they had the groundbreaking for the Temple, our Stake gave all the youth, Primary and YM & YW the opportunity to write something on a stone and put it in the foundation of the Temple.  Bubba wrote on his That he'd have a desire to serve a Mission.  His desire and prayer was answered! - Jed, Ellie and Chaylee had the same opportunity.  Jed and Ellie also have had the opportunity, along with hundreds of other youth, to write their own Title of Liberty and will carry it as part of the Cultural Celebration, before the dedication of the Temple.  Such rare opportunities for our kids!)
and no Sister Olson he doesnt think you are a freak haha.

You guys aren't gonna do anything for New Year's Eve?   Go blow stuff up at least!  (Oh, Bubs!!)

Why didn't Jed work for Dad during the break?

Dang I had $150 in my room lying around??  Thats pretty sweet!  Thank you for the money? (He's in a biking area now and needed a bike!)  I'm a little better at saving $$ out here.  I spend a little here and there and then IDK where it goes - ha!  I forgot to show Maddie that she is on the back of my planner.  Out of the 2 planners that I put pictures on she is always on it and will be on all of them!  So, I might need more pics of her sometime in my Mission!

 Thanks for all the Christmas gifts!  Hope you guys had an awesome week!

Love and miss you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson 

P.S. We finally found a new Investigator her name is Mary and we are going back to visit her Thursday!  Also, we ran into the "nicest anti-mormon" so he says he is, last night! They were arguing with us about grace and how the Book of Mormon says we are saved by grace after all we can do.  And they were saying we are all automatically saved!  I guess he also offers Missionaries $20,000 dollars to give up there garments and to go home.  He didn't offer that to us though.  I guess he is pretty famous in this mission - ha!

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