Friday, January 31, 2014

Transfer Week!

January 27, 2014
I'm getting transferred too........ the same area, I'm staying here for another transfer.  It's good though.  Things are starting to pick up. We found a few new potential investigators. One is Adolfo, but we might have to give him to the Spanish Elders.  Then Erica and her mom.  Then I think her name is Tara, we can't remember for sure, but they seem pretty interested!  So hopefully that all goes well!
 Sounds like you are all doing well!  The Temple Open House sounds pretty cool!  And the celebration, I wish I could see that!
 The guys are gonna have like 4 tracks buy the time I get home!  They look pretty good though!  Sounds like everyone is having fun.  Jed looks huge now!  Kyle sent me a video of him riding the track and he has my jacket on and looks like he is filling it out pretty good.
 I bought a scale a few weeks ago. I thought i was 202 cause thats what the members scale said but mine said 205 but im down to 203 now so hopefully I can come home at like 185. So hopefully I'm in a walking area for most of my mission!
Can you make sure to send Jed's matches when ever he has them?
Oh I also think I figured out what I want to go to school for - finally!  We were at dinner with this family and I asked him what he went to school for.  And he went for Construction Management, he told me all the things you can do with that degree.  So I can still be partners with Dad, if that is still an option, but then I have an education to fall back on as well. So it will still keep me in the construction business!
 Yes, I'm starting to sleep better.  Except you told me to late about the melatonin I took it for 5 days then I saw you email, so I skipped a day then took it the next 2 days then that 2nd night i might have slept 2 hours, that sucked.  But I slept good tonight, so thats good!  (He was having a hard time sleeping at his new place and asked for Melatonin.  I sent it but forgot to tell him not to take it every day because it builds up in your system and then you don't sleep at ALL!  I learned that the hard way with Maddie - I woke up to a DESTROYED house a few  times and quickly did some research! - haha!)
 Well thanks for all your support and love!
Of course, the Mission is hard, but it is good also, my testimony has grown a lot and learn new things all the time!  I'm so glad I chose to come and to stay out!  Love you all!!

Elder Bubba Nelson

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