Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Birthday!

January 13, 2013

I'm Legal!!!   (tomorrow)
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!  Sounds like you guys are having a party today!
Well I don't have to much to report on.  My comp has been sick with the Flu so it has been a pretty slow week!  Tuesday we had a follow up visit with Twilla.  On our way to our house this guy stopped us in the street and we talked to him.  He had a lot of questions!  His name is T, he kept asking about the Book of Mormon.  He kept saying it was hard to believe, with out seeing the Gold Plates.  So we just bore our testimony to him and he just said I know you guys are "fo Real", you are looking me in the eye and I know you guys believe it.  So we offered him a Book of Mormon but he just wanted  a mormon.org card.  So we gave him one and told him he can request missionaries and a copy of the Book of Mormon.  He was just passing through here he was on tour with Disney, doing a hip hop dance thing.  So we missed our appointment with Twilla but our Ward Mission leader still went with out us and she dropped us.  So I'm glad we got to talk with T instead of her,  haha, jk.
Dang Jed you did good in your match!  Congratulations!  Was that varsity?  (Yes, and Kyle gave Jed a little pep talk the morning before the match.  It seemed to work well!  haha!)
Well I hope you all have a good week!  Happy Birthday Chaylee!
Love you and miss you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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