Friday, January 31, 2014

Birthday Week!

January 20. 2014
This week was still pretty slow but we found some potential investigators, so hopefully we can start teaching them.  2 more investigators dropped us but they weren't progressing so I guess it's for the better, now we can find more people to focus on!  I had a pretty good birthday, we had a district meeting then went to Costa Vida for lunch, then my zone leaders took me out to frozen yogurt! It was pretty bomb!  Then we went to the Wolfgramm's for dinner, the family that sent you the pictures.  He showed me videos of him doing Tuff Mudder and he's done 3 of them, they are crazy. Me, Dad, Kyle, T, and Jed are gonna do it when I get home!  Then we were in Primary this week and some how they found out it was my birthday, so they made me put on the birthday glasses and sung to me.  (I'm sure Bubs was RED - he doesn't like attention drawn to him! - haha)  But the Bishops wife is in charge of singing time, so she wore the glasses with me, so it wasn't as bad!
   Sounds like things are pretty hectic still, hopefully they slow down!  So Chaylee is planning on moving to Utah? I
  I don't know if I would have gone to that YSA thing either, Elder Holland is scary,  he always yells at us in conference.  I can't imagine what he said to the YSA hahaha.
  Is Kyle still gonna do Pilot School or what? 
You should have told me you were sending another package, I could have given you my actual address, so it didn't go through so many people.  But oh well I'm sure it will get to me!

 Thank you for the Birthday wishes and presents!  Its been a rough month but things are starting to get better! T hanks again for all you do, love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson
P.S. My Mission president called me Bubba in front of the whole zone, then he caught him self and corrected it to, Elder Nelson haha.   And I figured out who Cheryl Ellsworths relative is, it's Sister Halverson.

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